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Whether you’re working in traditional post-production, developing content for new media platforms or need to create internal communications for enterprise organisations, ContentAgent can improve the efficiency, reliability, scalability and customisability of your workflow.


ContentAgent speeds up remote and local media ingest. From news to sports to promos, automated workflows make it easy for non-technical staff to ingest media. You can even accept footage at different frame rates from foreign broadcasters and quickly convert them to your local standard as part of the ingest process. ContentAgent can also be used to create deliverables of the final program master in different formats automatically.

Post houses

ContentAgent is your essential tool for camera card ingest, transcoding, viewing copies, quality control management, conversion and delivery – customers have seen processing times drop from weeks to days. Automated workflows speed up common tasks and simplify complex ones, with templates for tasks including reading Avid Media Composer sequences, creating masters and packaging content for broadcast deliverables such as AS-11 DPP files.

“ContentAgent’s integration with Tachyon and Dark Energy makes transcoding 50p into 50i easy, so now we produce all our GoPro and drone clips in 50p and transcode.”

Spiegel TV
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“Being able to drop in content and metadata to AS-11 files without the
need for complete re-wrapping or recreating the file
saves valuable time.”

Edit 123
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Web producers

Whether you need to convert existing broadcast material so that it’s optimised for online delivery, or are looking to process recordings of live streams and other forms of online broadcast, ContentAgent’s user-friendly GUI makes developing your ideal workflow quick and easy.

Creative agencies

If you’re looking to expand your offering to include video content, or your video offering to include new formats and delivery to multiple platforms, ContentAgent is an efficient, relatively low-cost way to expand your capabilities without having to invest in too much hardware upfront.


Creating and distributing internal video communications across your organisation can be challenging, especially if your company operates in a number of different territories. ContentAgent’s easy-to-master system ensures that your comms team can produce content efficiently.

“ContentAgent saves us time in automating the entire transcoding processes which can be run as a single workflow originating from a Watchfolder. We can set these up to be run overnight with no intervention.”

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“The CardAgent option will enable multiple users to speedily ingest media from a wide range of cameras and automate the transcoding into Avid editorial, then delivery in AS-11.”

Somethin’ Else
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“ContentAgent complements our current workflow by taking large aspects of daily operations and automating them off system, freeing up the Assistant Editors and Avid systems to work forward.”

Prometheus Entertainment
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Higher and Further Education institutions are looking to emulate industry-standard workflows using Root6 ContentAgent’s user-friendly  tools. ContentAgent enables course leaders to build professional-style pipelines, but also to process media from any creative course that generates video files and needs to manage them.


From delivering internal training videos, to transcoding crime scene footage and interviews, ContentAgent lets you process your video content without having to give staff specialist media training. Automated workflows make for efficient processing and a shallow learning curve, right from day one.

“I can’t see us ever going back to the old ways of doing things. In fact we’re looking at ways to utilise ContentAgent’s automation capabilities still further in the future.”

Norwegian Film School
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“The process of inserting a change in to an AS-11 UK DPP file is now quicker than it was to do the same job on tape, which is a huge
leap forwards.”

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