Root6 ContentAgent license to help streamline remote productivity

Root6 ContentAgent license to help streamline remote productivity

Root6 / Vecima Customers, Partners, Friends:

Like many of you, we have been grappling with the effects of COVID-19 these past weeks and have been thinking of ways we can help at a time where many of you are facing difficult challenges including finding ways to continue to operate as your staff work from home.

To help our community navigate these difficult times we will be offering free ContentAgent licenses for a period of 30 days to help streamline your remote productivity

  • If you are an existing ContentAgent user, we can provide additional JobAgent licenses to increase workflow capacity.
  • If you are new to ContentAgent we can provide a full ContentAgent license along with sample workflows and guidance as needed.  
  • Appropriate hardware is required to take advantage of this offer.
  • Please contact us at for more details.

Many of you have implemented or are working on building new remote editing workflows. Here are a couple of examples of what we have learned from some of our existing customers on how ContentAgent is helping them streamline their remote editing workflows. 

Editing software is installed on home workstations or laptops

  • ContentAgent is used to take unwieldly raw media, often terabytes in size, and automatically compress them into a more manageable size and format that can be more easily transferred to remote users.
  • Editors will work on these ‘proxies’ and then transfer the finished sequence back to base where it is relinked to the original high resolution media.

Remote connection into an on-site edit station via accelerated access

  • While remote transfer is not necessary in this workflow, conversion is still required since bandwidth limitations prevent high data-rate media from being edited directly over a remote connection. ContentAgent’s watchfolder and automatic workflow system allow non-technical users to transcode and edit in a quick, seamless fashion.

Vecima’s Root6 ContentAgent team is ready to help as you plan and implement your remote workflows.

For more information on ContentAgent please click here.

While we might not be seeing you in person for a while, please know that the Vecima family is ready to help during these trying times.