Customer story: Splice

Customer story: Splice

“The technology we employ complements the creative energy of our people”Damian Dolniak, Splice co-founder 

Shoreditch-based independent postproduction facility Splice has restructured its technical operation, adding a second Avid Interplay, ISIS|2500 nearline storage, Media Central and Media Composer Cloud, together with a second ContentAgent. The new kit and subsequent highly streamlined automated workflow supplied and supported by root6, is already being put through its paces for Masterchef 2016, the UK’s most popular cooking competition from Shine TV for BBC1.

Employing more than 70 staff across two sites, Splice handles every aspect of post from editing through grading, VFX and audio. Since its foundation in 2003, the facility has earned a reputation for high quality broadcast work in areas such as documentaries, factual and entertainment.

“The technology we employ complements the creative energy of our people,” maintains Splice co-founder Damian Dolniak.

“The pressure has never been greater to turn round work quickly whilst retaining attention to detail. The new installation will both help us achieve this, and open up new possibilities such as remote editing.”

In the new workflow Splice will use ContentAgent, the workflow management tool from root6, to automate the ingest and multi-resolution transcoding of camera cards and optical discs. The high resolution XDCAM HD50 material is parked on the new Avid ISIS|2500 nearline storage via Interplay with the low resolution 10:1 proxies checked into Interplay on the ISIS|5500 estate. From here the offline edit is performed and once this has taken place, selected Media Composer suites mount the ISIS|2500 workspaces before being re-linked to the hi-resolution clips on the nearline storage for conforming and finishing.

High bandwidth connectivity – based on a 10 Gigabit Ethernet core – across the facility speeds throughput and enables efficient project sharing. An Avid Media Central server, configured for both Media Composer|Cloud & Media Central, enables remote editing with Media Composer and web-based logging and viewing.

With an Internet connection, any editor can access the production on Interplay and move material easily between the shooting location and Splice’s post production facility.

“This is an exciting development that we’re currently using on a number of projects,” said Dolniak. “The Internet is becoming increasing viable for remote working where it can offer substantial timesaving for fast turn round jobs.”

At the deliverables stage Splice saves further time by using ContentAgent to automate the AS-11 UK DPP workflow with Insert Edit and automated QC. From ingest through all aspects of post to final delivery, Splice’s new cutting edge workflow is a match for the most demanding productions.