Customer story: Screen Media

Customer story: Screen Media

Headquartered in Oslo and with offices throughout Norway, Screen Media supplies an extensive range of services to broadcasters, agencies and corporate clients. From live ENG for news and sports to TV production of commercials, VR and longer form documentaries, the facility is underpinned by a talented post-production team which has made a name for itself in editing, grading and motion graphics.

A year ago, the Avid-based editorial facility was looking to save time at the point of ingest with an ever-increasing volume of file-based material originated from the range of Screen Media’s cameras. Per Christian Larsen, Project Leader at Screen Media, takes up the story.

“Initially we were looking for a tool to automate the transcoding of files for editorial, saving us time and guaranteeing accuracy. We needed to get the ingested material into our Interplay environment. I’d had some previous experience with ContentAgent with TV2 and thought it would be right for the job. There are a number of orchestration systems out there which do pretty much the same thing, but it’s the practical way in which the tools are implemented in ContentAgent which made it the most useful choice.”

At Screen Media, ContentAgent automates the transcoding of media to Avid-compliant MXF files with user-defined metadata, liberating workstations from ingest and transcoding activities, and freeing them up for story-telling. In the facility’s Interplay environment, ContentAgent can check clips into the asset management system as part of the automated workflow, including the creation of proxy and full resolution clips to allow for multi-resolution working.

“We also utilise ContentAgent for the automated creation of broadcast deliverables,” Larsen continues. “Currently the QC for these are performed by the broadcasters but we know that, if needed, ContentAgent can be easily integrated with the most popular AQC systems. That’s an option that we’ll certainly be considering in the future.

“Having examined all the options we concluded that ContentAgent was the best solution for our needs. The system is easy to use and has considerable functionality. It’s also great value. Modern file-based workflows can be very complex. ROOT6 Technology has listened to our enquiries, assisting us when necessary with an excellent level of technical support.”