Customer story: ITN

Customer story: ITN

“CardAgent has made life considerably simpler,”Paul Flook, Head of Broadcast Engineering, ITN Productions

CardAgent delivers simplified and streamlined productivity boost for non-technical operators

ITN Productions creates award-winning multi-media content for brands, businesses, broadcasters and agencies. To help streamline ingest and simplify file-based operations from an increasing variety of camera card formats, its post-production facility chose CardAgent from root6. CardAgent builds on ContentAgent’s workflow management and automation toolset, offering a simplified multi-user interface from which non-technical production staff can initiate appropriate workflows. ITN Productions currently has four CardAgent systems at its Gray’s Inn Road facility.

“We wanted to make the process as straightforward as going into Boots with your media and coming out with your photos,” said ITN Productions Head of Post Production Olly Strous. “ITN Productions processes a huge amount of material – more than 6000 hours last year. We expect this to increase even further following this investment.”

To that end, CardAgent sits on a dedicated monitor with a variety of camera card and hard drive docks. Once the card content is ingested, a number of pre-determined workflows – currently more than 30 in ITN Productions’ case – may be applied. These all involve the automated backup of media before transcoding into the appropriate flavours for editorial, proxies, viewing copies etc.

To help the production teams keep up to speed, ContentAgent’s web monitoring tool displays the status of jobs in progress on a large monitor alongside the facility’s Trello task management system.

“When we looked for a solution to automating card ingest we wanted to keep it straightforward,” said Head of Broadcast Engineering, Paul Flook. “The user interface shouldn’t be daunting to non-technical operators. CardAgent addresses this requirement well and has helped to simplify operation and increase efficiency in the way we are able to ingest a wide range of file types.”

In addition to camera card ingest, ITN Production’s ContentAgent with two JobAgents serves as a file-based automation workhorse with more than 100 repeatable workflows in use. These range through multi-format versioning and PSE testing to QuickTime and AS-11 deliverables.

“CardAgent has made life considerably simpler,” concludes Flook. “It’s been a good relationship and root6 has taken our input on board. The new Aspera integration with ContentAgent shown at IBC is of particular interest for automating accelerated deliverables to our global clients.”

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