Customer story: 3sixtymedia

Customer story: 3sixtymedia

“The Insert Edit feature from ContentAgent is incredibly quick and simple and has improved cost efficiencies in making late changes to files.”Taig McNab, Technical Manager, 3sixtymedia

3sixtymedia has completed the world’s first insert edit in an AS-11 file. Working with root6, the developers of ContentAgent, the 3sixtymedia workflow specialists have been pushing the boundary of what is achievable with the AS-11 format the DPP has agreed on for file delivery in the UK. ‘Rita & Me‘ which transmitted on New Year’s Eve 2014 was the first programme to benefit from the technology.

Following the announcement by the DPP that the 1st October 2014 would be the date from which delivery of content to UK broadcasters would move from tape to file, there isn’t a production company or post house which hasn’t faced a change to its processes.

The team at 3sixtymedia had done a lot of work to make the move to file delivery as easy as possible for production teams. Taig McNab, Technical Manager at 3sixtymedia said:

“The shift in process has been smooth with both production teams and technical staff taking the changes in their stride. The one question that everyone consistently asked is “How do you insert edit?” and until now, we haven’t had an answer to that.”

Production executive for Shiver at ITV Studios, Helen Houston, has to manage the schedules and budgets for dozens of productions a year, many of them are in edit right up to delivery with late legal and compliance changes.

“File delivery itself isn’t a huge problem and 3sixtymedia has made the process as smooth as possible. However, the time it takes to make what used to be a quick edit has gone from a few minutes to, in some cases hours, which does not work for the tight deadlines we have.”

Taig McNab continues, “One of the reasons we chose ContentAgent was the great responsiveness of the development team. The process of inserting a change in to an AS-11 UK DPP file is now quicker than it was to do the same job on tape, which is a huge leap forwards. Now we’re able to do this, the cost of making late changes to files is far lower than generating a new file and we’re able to pass these savings on to our clients.”

3sixtymedia has been a ContentAgent user for just over a year and in that time, the usage has grown from basic transcoding to complex workflows, integrations with 3rd party technologies and internally developed software.

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