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Is now the time to move your machine room out of your facility?

Heading to here? We’ve done it. Let root6 help you to remote your machine room Is now the time to move your machine room out of your facility? While the New Year ushers in an era of largely unforeseen political uncertainty, in our industry, change is, as always, inevitable. The consumption of legacy linear broadcast [...]

Earth Leakage – in water!

I recently bought an Agilent U1191A clamp-meter. This is a piece of test equipment that can measure current flowing in a conductor without having to break the circuit (how you would if all you had was a digital multimeter). The jaws physically couple around the conductor in question and by induction you can measure the [...]

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Why do manufactuers over-specify power requirements for broadcast equipment?

It's actually a rhetorical question and I'm glad they do. Most of the time I have to tell a customers' electrician and air-con contractor how much power (and hence how much heat) the machine room will be pulling/genarating. Most customers refuse to believe that 99.9% of the electrical power entering a server room/TV MCR leaves [...]

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Bryant’s network control/measuring PDUs

http://www.bryant-unlimited.co.uk/eyepower.html My good pal Simon Quill at Bryant has been developing this line of intelligent bay mains distribution for the last few years and I bought a couple last year and have (due to the weight of work) only just got around to playing with them. Quite a lot of manufacturers offer remotely controllable power [...]

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Electrical Network Frequency analysis

I’ve been running a training course at the Metropolitan Police’s Video and Audio Forensic facility in Sydenham. I’ve been able to chat to some of the technical forensic guys and one thing has blown me away – Electrical Network Frequency analysis. The whole of the UK mainland is on an electrical power-grid; as generators run [...]

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Requirements for Electrical Supply for Systems Integration projects

If we are obliged to power equipment sited in a machine room and/or edit suites we ask that the customer’s project manager and electrician read and sign these notes to ensure a proper configuration for the mains supply. The difference between an optimal arrangement of mains power and one that merely satisfies the requirements of [...]

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Double-insulated (class 2) mains equipment

A Class II or double insulated electrical appliance is one which has been designed in such a way that it does not require a safety connection to electrical earth.  The basic requirement is that no single failure can result in dangerous voltage becoming exposed so that it might cause an electric shock and that this [...]

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