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Tech Breakfast – "Cat8 is Coming" & "The Challenges of Modern Picture Quality Analysis"

8:30 for 9am, Wed 1st Oct, Soho Screening Rooms root6′s Broadcast Engineering gurus, Phil Crawley and Matt Ward, explore some of the hot topics of the moment. Matt takes a look at the new Cat 8 standard whilst Phil discusses the challenges of modern picture quality analysis and demonstrates the TG-100 SRI Visualiser, which can [...]

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The challenges of modern picture quality analysis

Engineers have sought to quantify the quality of the video signal since the birth of television. Since all aspects of the TV picture are represented first by voltages (analogue) and then by numbers-in-a-bit-stream (digital) you have to make measurements to really know anything about the quality of your TV pictures. “When you can measure what [...]

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