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An Introduction to Avid | NEXIS (Part 3)

This is part 3 of a larger article intending to introduce the reader to Avid's NEXIS shared storage system. Read part 2 here. In the Parts 1 and 2 of this article I discussed some of the key aspects of NEXIS that differentiates  Avid | NEXIS from its predecessors. In this article I will discuss [...]

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An Introduction to Avid | NEXIS (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a larger article intending to introduce the reader to Avid's NEXIS shared storage system. Read part 1 here. So, where does NEXIS improve on Avid's previous generation storage systems? Avid|NEXIS takes several significant steps to improve on its previous stable mates. Here is an overview of what has been done [...]

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An Introduction to Avid | NEXIS (Part 1)

If you were Avid and were looking to develop a shared storage product to supersede its predecessors, what would you place on the list of "must have" features and design factors? After hearing some rumours, I was thinking about this late in 2015 and I tried to imagine what the likely product would feature. There [...]

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trade in your external drives for up to 15% off a DDP network storage solution

trade in your external hard drives for up to 15% off a Dynamic Drive Pool solution* call us on 020 7437 6052 to discuss your requirements find out more about DDP solutions HERE  * 2.5% per working drive 1TB and over. Excluding USB flash drives/keys. Valid until 31st December 2014

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Unified storage and network components deliver peak performance for new TV lab at York University

Reseller and Systems Integrator root6 met the challenge posed by a particularly demanding application for the Department of Theatre, Film and Television at The University of York with the deployment of PixStor from Pixit Media.  BSc courses in film and television production and a new course for this academic year in interactive media required the [...]

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Measuring fibre cabling and the problem of encircled flux loss

  Last week I went on a very interesting training day courtesy of Nexans – data cable & parts supplier. I went looking forward to learning all about the new standards surrounding catagory-8 cabling for 40 and 56 Gigabit ethernet (a massive 1600Mhz of bandwidth down a twisted pair cable!) and the new GG45 connector; [...]

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Bryant’s network control/measuring PDUs My good pal Simon Quill at Bryant has been developing this line of intelligent bay mains distribution for the last few years and I bought a couple last year and have (due to the weight of work) only just got around to playing with them. Quite a lot of manufacturers offer remotely controllable power [...]

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UPnP – It was always a bad idea!

UPnP is a protocol that allows a router to listen out for requests to open ports and to make other configurations changes from a client machine WITHIN the LAN. It was popularized a decade ago by Microsoft with the original XBox. If you want to have a game that you're playing with others (who are [...]

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PING goes further than you think

Do you ever need a quick and free method of testing the reliable uptime of a network server? There are lots of paid for bits of software and onine services but if you have a spare Windows box this little DOS command (which you can save as a .BAT file for quick deployment) does a [...]

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root6 help FOX International Channels remote operations with Amulet Hotkey

FOX International Channels (FIC) UK based in Shepherds Bush re-versions National Geographic and Fox material, creates ads and promos, and prepares programmes for transmission and on-demand viewing for Sky and Virgin in the UK, with a further four channels for Africa. Although tape still plays a reduced role in the acquisition and delivery of material [...]

Speeding up HTTP

The big overhead with protocols that run on top of TCP/IP is the number of connections they open. A modern web page has many different kind of assets (HTML, scripts, Java, GIFs, JPEGs, etc etc) from many places (the primary domain, adservers, Google+ buttons etc etc) such that when you load the front page of [...]

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TCP/IP Congestion Avoidance

TCP/IP is a jolly clever protocol that now forms the bulk of the traffic that runs across the Internet. Given that routers and gateways along a packets route are entirely at liberty to drop packets without informing either the sender or the recipient (it’s up to the client/server to figure out packet sequence and if [...]

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Video and high-speed networks – article in Broadcast Engineering Magazine

Read the article on BE's site; As video data rates increase, installation engineers must become as familiar with fibre as they are with coax. Many types of fibre and twisted-pair copper must be purchased pre-terminated. Runs of 3Gb/s in copper require special attention to cable type if long runs are required. It may be necessary [...]

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