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New Tools for ContentAgent Unveiled at NAB

ContentAgent, the file-based workflow management and automation platform from ROOT6 Technology, will be demonstrated at NAB with its latest software, providing valuable new tools to further streamline file-based operations. New and enhanced features seen for the first time will include support for a wide range of new formats, including 4K XAVC, JPEG2000, AS-02 and more, [...]

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NAB 2013 reviews – Media Composer version 7

Any real long-time users of Media Composer will remember when Avid released version 7 the first time round. ( the v7 preview at NAB2013  is Avid’s second MC version 7 release) The 1998 v7 release was memorable because it produced the first set of ‘intraframe’ editing tools’ including paint, as well as fantastic tools like [...]

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New Tools and Enhancements for ContentAgent Automated File-Based Management

ContentAgent, the automated file-based workflow management tool from ROOT6 Technology, was shown at NAB with more than 50 new features and enhancements. A new advanced frame rate converter option, first showcased at IBC, is now available. Created from the ground up for file-based workflows and utilising powerful CPU and GPU processing, this new tool facilitates [...]

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Nvidia GPU Processing Power at NAB

Geek Alert! The following article contains material of a geeky nature and should not be read by persons who are sensitive to discussions which are written by nerds or geeks. One of the developments in computing which are making a more widespread  impact at NAB this year is Nvidia’s Fermi Technology being harnessed to process [...]

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DVS with Avid

DVS Digital Video Systems announced their new multi-channel and multi-format Venice. The form-factor has been reduced to a very neat 2u. The Venice has native support for DNxHD, XDCAM, DVCPRO, AVC-Ultra and Apple Rro ProRes 422. It can record & play-out along with transcoding of MXF OP-Atom, OP-1a, QuickTime and GXF files. The Venice offers [...]

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NAB, the smaller announcements!

There’s been quite a few announcements at this years NAB, some have been well reported (Blackmagic’s cinema camera, Smoke for $3,495 /£2,207 running on a MacBook etc) and some that haven’t. Maybe they’re aren’t as big but worth a mention… […]

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DVS VENICE enhances file-based production at Pinewood Studios

At NAB 2012, DVS announces that the internationally renowned Pinewood Studios Group has enhanced its equipment offering with 8-channels of DVS VENICE broadcast server. This will form an essential part of Pinewood Television’s upgraded TV Studio facilities. Alongside VENICE, Pinewood Television has also decided to implement additional DVS storage solution, SpycerBox Ultra. With this DVS [...]

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Avid to Increase Storage Capacity for ISIS 7000

Further to Joel’s post on Avid’s release of ISIS v4.0 software earlier in April, Avid have announced at NAB 2012 that they will soon release a 4TB Storage Blade for their ISIS 7000 Shared Storage system. This means that the ISIS (7000) system is now capable of managing storage capacity north of the Petabyte mark. [...]

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The all new Autodesk Smoke

There had been a lot of rumors ahead of this years NAB about what Autodesk were going to announce in regard to Smoke, they didn’t disappoint.. Smoke is a mature product, starting out from Discreet which was founded in 1991, it transformed in 2005 when Autodesk dropped the Discreet brand after acquiring Discreet back in [...]

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NAB Roundup 2011

The NAB show is always a daunting and slightly bewildering experience. There is always an overwhelming amount on display, and one always has the sneaking feeling of potentially missing the next big thing tucked away in some some little stand somewhere. I wouldn’t say that the last point was unlikely this year, but NAB 2011 [...]

LTFS is a runner

For about a year there has been talk about a clever new tape filesystem for LTO5 that will allow users to record video straight to data tape (how the old is new again). This NAB I finally got to see it working in such a way as to believe it actually is a solution for [...]

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FCPX unveiled at at the NAB Supermeet 2011.

After nearly two years of speculation, guessing, and and endless debate about “what do you think Apple is going to do?” We found out. Here are some dry facts for starters: Pure 64bit code. leveraging core technologies such as Coco, OpenCL, Grand Central Despatch, etc… to deliver an application written from the ground up. In [...]

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On the eve of NAB 2011

Sitting on a balcony overlooking the garish Las Vegas boulevard or “the strip” as it is known was an opportunity to take a breather between reseller channel briefings and reflect on unfolding events here in Las Vegas before NAB officially opens tomorrow. There has been lots going on. Avid have made some interesting product announcements [...]

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Fondleslabs are go!

This year at NAB there are iPads to be seen everywhere. From my colleagues hands – yup they got up at 5am to queue at the Fashion Show Mall’s tradesman’s entrance in order to secure them – to the GV booth. If they are not being used as an accessory for a presenter, to take [...]

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