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Stand 400 Innovative and integrated file-based workflows demonstrated and new technology project showcased BVE North, Manchester, November 16...root6 will demonstrate file-based workflows for broadcast and postproduction featuring the integration of a number of just-released technologies. For broadcasters, root6 will show DVS Venice with real-time stereoscopic capture and STAN real-time 3D correction. Stereoscopic editing will be [...]

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Avid Media Composer v6 impressions and resources

Avid announced Media Composer version 6 last week, a major software release for the company. Coming a little over 6 months after the release of Media Composer 5.5 it has a host of new features. The major ones are listed below: Further User Interface Tweaks Continuing on from the minor user interface tweaks in previous [...]

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Nano Flash Workflow Guide

Nano Flash is now a very popular tapeless recording addition for any camera with an HD-SDI out. The reason for it becoming so popular is that it can record a number of different formats which broadcasters approve of (basically anything that can record a 50Mbit + data stream). It’s a great way for production companies to get [...]

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Avid releases Media Composer & Symphony 5.5.2 with support for Windows 7 SP1

Avid released Media Composer 5.5.2 yesterday and there are a number of new additions/fixes/supported configurations worth taking note of. Briefly they are Phrase Find now bundled into the main Media Composer installer Phrase Find demo included in Media Composer demo version (separate license purchase still required though) Windows 7 SP1 now supported Avid QT Codec [...]

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Save the Children chooses root6 to upgrade its video production facilities

Save the Children has just upgraded its internal video production facility and implemented a file-based workflow supplied and supported by UK reseller root6. Adam Robertson, Save the Children’s Video Production Manager said: “We are delighted with root6’s upgrade. The XenData technology they’ve installed means we now have an easily accessible archive of 90 years of [...]

Setting a 12-core "Westmere" Mac to 32bit Mode

When Mac OS Snow Leopard is installed onto a 12-core Mac, it defaults to 64bit mode. Unfortunately, all Avid applications that run on Mac require it to be running in 32bit mode. They may install but that doesn't mean to say they'll behave. For example, Media Composer will pretend everything is hunky-dory, but will stubbornly refuse to see any Avid hardware, including the Nitris DX and the dongle.

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