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"Ask Us Anything" – 004

In the fourth of our “Ask Us Anything” discussions/podcasts , Phil, Rupert and Dave are joined by Rhys Llewellyn from NBC Universal to discuss mains safety, fibre optic standards and our recent Platform1 event. Please contact us with any questions or topics you’d like us to discuss or take part in the discussions yourself. Get [...]

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Bryant’s network control/measuring PDUs My good pal Simon Quill at Bryant has been developing this line of intelligent bay mains distribution for the last few years and I bought a couple last year and have (due to the weight of work) only just got around to playing with them. Quite a lot of manufacturers offer remotely controllable power [...]

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Requirements for Electrical Supply for Systems Integration projects

If we are obliged to power equipment sited in a machine room and/or edit suites we ask that the customer’s project manager and electrician read and sign these notes to ensure a proper configuration for the mains supply. The difference between an optimal arrangement of mains power and one that merely satisfies the requirements of [...]

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