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The all new Autodesk Smoke

There had been a lot of rumors ahead of this years NAB about what Autodesk were going to announce in regard to Smoke, they didn’t disappoint.. Smoke is a mature product, starting out from Discreet which was founded in 1991, it transformed in 2005 when Autodesk dropped the Discreet brand after acquiring Discreet back in [...]

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AJA Io XT, little and good!

Having used the latest external Io device from AJA for the last month or so I have to say how impressed I am with it. The first addition in this small external compact form factor was the Io Express back in late 2009. It was a great external monitoring device offering 10 or 8-bit uncompressedvideo, [...]

Smoke for Mac OSX Webinar

Don't Just Edit. Finish. Editorial Effects work with Smoke for Mac November 11th 2011 – 13:00 GMT/14:00 CET Autodesk will be hosting an hour-long webinar to show how creative editorial effects can be generated in context of a broadcast commercial. You'll see how Flame FX can help generate imaginative transitions and elements within Smoke for [...]

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NAB Roundup 2011

The NAB show is always a daunting and slightly bewildering experience. There is always an overwhelming amount on display, and one always has the sneaking feeling of potentially missing the next big thing tucked away in some some little stand somewhere. I wouldn’t say that the last point was unlikely this year, but NAB 2011 [...]

root6 demonstrate Avid Artist Series at BVE

I recently appeared on Avid's YouTube Chanel, giving a brief overview of Avid's Artist series control surfaces (formerly Euphonix) and a site where you can buy youtube views. I was demonstrating the MC Color panel with Autodesk Smoke for Mac.  As I mention, the panel was originally designed for Apple Color but has been brilliantly [...]

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Setting a 12-core "Westmere" Mac to 32bit Mode

When Mac OS Snow Leopard is installed onto a 12-core Mac, it defaults to 64bit mode. Unfortunately, all Avid applications that run on Mac require it to be running in 32bit mode. They may install but that doesn't mean to say they'll behave. For example, Media Composer will pretend everything is hunky-dory, but will stubbornly refuse to see any Avid hardware, including the Nitris DX and the dongle.

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Shutting down a remote Mac via SSH

If you’ve planned ahead, you’ve enabled remote GUI control by using the Sharing System Preferences panel.  Assuming you’ve done all this, then you can just connect to the remote Mac’s GUI, and pick Shut Down from the Apple menu. But what if you’re not so good at planning, and you’ve only left the machine with [...]

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My first blog post and a useful mac cheat sheet

Hello all, As this is my first post I thought I would firstly say "Hello" to all friends, colleagues and new comers and secondly share with you this very useful 'mac cheat sheet' document that can be very useful today when tech spec'ing a customers upgrade path. It contains all sorts of useful info, from [...]

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