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NLTek’s Nearchive is well on the Avid Platform now

NL Technology's Nearline/Archive Solution has just recently been Avid Certified along with adding some powerful new features which include total MediaCentral | UX integration, support for iNews workflows, and local database enhancement for easy search and restore of assets and media. Simple right-click within MediaCentral | UX allows archives & restores. Nearchive for Interplay Cost Effective and [...]

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XenData – X1500

The XenData X1500 was released in the summer of 2010 and since then we’ve seen a large number of users choosing the effective standalone archiving device. It boasts a simple user interface which is intuitive to users who are used to copying files to and from folders on a Windows machines. The simplicity of how [...]

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LTFS is a runner

For about a year there has been talk about a clever new tape filesystem for LTO5 that will allow users to record video straight to data tape (how the old is new again). This NAB I finally got to see it working in such a way as to believe it actually is a solution for [...]

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Automatic tapeless content archiving with XenData

With the XenData archive solution we can setup up an automatic workflow which enables you to archive your tapeless camera rushes as soon as they are connected to a workstation. This will provide you with the peace of mind that your valuable rushes are written to LTO tape within a few moments of being copied [...]

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