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Avid Announce ContentAgent as a certified Alliance Connectivity Partner product

ROOT6 Technology are proud to announce that Avid have certified ContentAgent as part of its Alliance Partnership program. Being a certified product gives customers the reassurance that Avid and ROOT6 Technology have tested interoperability between ContentAgent and the Avid Media Central platform. ContentAgent v3.5 provides the automated ingest of camera cards and file based media [...]

New Tools for ContentAgent Unveiled at NAB

ContentAgent, the file-based workflow management and automation platform from ROOT6 Technology, will be demonstrated at NAB with its latest software, providing valuable new tools to further streamline file-based operations. New and enhanced features seen for the first time will include support for a wide range of new formats, including 4K XAVC, JPEG2000, AS-02 and more, [...]

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Visit root6 at BVE and Experience Smarter Working for Increased Productivity

BVE February 24-6 Stand J16 ‘Work Smarter’ is the theme of the root6 exhibit, where the integration of up-to-the-minute creative technologies from leading vendors will be deployed to illustrate substantially streamlined post production. A number of important new technologies will get their UK debut on the stand, which will highlight the hottest industry topics from 4K [...]

ContentAgent Gains AMWA Certification

ContentAgent, the workflow management and automation tool from ROOT6 Technology, has successfully met the criteria set out as part of the DPP’s Compliance Programme, and has achieved AMWA certification. One of the first products to receive authentication, ContentAgent is already widely used to automate the creation, QC and delivery of AS-11 UK DPP files. At [...]

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ContentAgent Performs Frame Rate Conversion and Transcoding for BBC SPORT'S Coverage of FIFA WORLD CUP

BBC Sport deployed ContentAgent, the file-based workflow management tool from ROOT6 Technology, to automate a number of important frame rate conversion and transcoding tasks at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Based in BBC Sport’s production facility in the International Broadcasting Centre in Rio, five ContentAgent systems were used to process additional workflows including [...]

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"DPP 101" Stepping Stones Recordings

For those of you who weren't able to attend our recent event looking at the DPP standard for file-based UK broadcast deliverables, you can watch recordings of the seminar presentations below. With the imminent introduction of the AS-11 DPP broadcast delivery standard, ROOT6 Technology's Owen Walker and Bill Baker take a look at its specification [...]

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root6 shows how the ability to Work Anywhere streamlines operations & cuts costs

Stand H.16 “Work. Anywhere” is the theme of the root6 stand at BVE this year, where we’ll demonstrate how a combination of old ideas and new technology can free facilities from the traditional constraints of capacity and location, streamlining operations and importantly, cutting costs. […]

“How can ContentAgent optimise my pre-editing work in an Avid environment?”

This is a question a customer has asked me recently and I thought the answer could be beneficial to more than one person – ContentAgent can be a powerful time-saver when dealing with media preparation before editing. In this example, we were working in an Avid environment (Media Composer / ISIS-5000) with a matter of [...]

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New Tools and Enhancements for ContentAgent Automated File-Based Management

ContentAgent, the automated file-based workflow management tool from ROOT6 Technology, was shown at NAB with more than 50 new features and enhancements. A new advanced frame rate converter option, first showcased at IBC, is now available. Created from the ground up for file-based workflows and utilising powerful CPU and GPU processing, this new tool facilitates [...]

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ContentAgent’s latest software release delivers new features, increased performance and functionality

ContentAgent, the automated file-based workflow management tool from ROOT6 Technology, was shown with the latest 3.2 software. Full support for the AS11 DPP delivery standard with associated compliant metadata is now available. As part of the deliverables workflow, ContentAgent was shown integrated with automated file-based QC from Tektronix and Vidcheck. Further support for Avid environments [...]

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Advanced motion compensated standards converter makes UK debut at BVE

See on the root6 stand the new option for ContentAgent, the automated file-based management tool from ROOT6 Technology. The advanced motion compensated standards converter enables ContentAgent to become a replacement for expensive legacy hardware-based workflows that contain costly trips to/from baseband for standards and format conversions. First showcased at IBC 2012, the standards converter has [...]

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Zodiak Media transitions to file-based workflow

Zodiak Media, formerly RDF, is currently completing its transition to file-based working. The company, now majority owned by the De Agostini Group, produced more than 5000 hours of content for 250 broadcasters in 2010. Mark Glennon, Head of Post Production at Zodiak Rights, the content aggregation and distribution arm of Zodiak Media, describes the challenges [...]

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Find your way through the file-based maze at IBC

On or off-piste, IBC and Amsterdam can prove a daunting experience. As usual, root6 will be there in force, demonstrating its very own technology with ContentAgent and providing an insightful path through the maze of products designed to help you transition to, or extend your file-based workflow. […]

Preparing Op Atom MXF Media Files For Use in Avid Editing Workflows

There are now a number of mechanisms available to get media files, acquired outside of traditional Avid capture workflows, into an Avid editorial workflow based on either shared or local storage. Of course there is Avid’s most recent innovation in this regard – Avid Media Access (or AMA), whereby 3rd party manufacturers can author a [...]

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root6's SI team off to Lagos

Engineers from the Systems Integration arm of root6 will travel to Nigeria in January to commission the installation and provide training at a new facility in Lagos, set up to digitise the extensive tape archive for the state broadcaster. The installation for Tier Tech was designed and pre-built at the root6 SI facility in Primrose [...]

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See Media Composer 6 at BVE North

Media Composer 6 will be shown for the first time at BVE North. In addition to its new 64-bit architecture and sleek, revised UI, MC6 incorporates Avid Open I/O to let you use your favourite video card. Already AJA, Blackmagic, Bluefish, Matrox, and MOTU offer integration with Media Composer. root6 will also present Avid’s market leading open [...]

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IBC 2011, 9-13 September

IBC, Europe's biggest event for media content creation, will be kicking off in just over a month. Both our sales team and product specialists will be on hand to provide advice and arrange demos so if you'd like to meet up or would like some help navigating the wealth of technology on show please contact [...]

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Platform1 2011 Podcasts and Notes

If you missed our recent Platform1 event or want to re-watch the information-packed presentations you can now view them online and download the seminar notes.  We’re also excited to announce that as well as our iTunes feed, these podcasts are also now available on our new YouTube channel. Preparing for Broadcast File Based Delivery – [...]

81,000 clips, 4,500 hours of video, 60+ formats, 1 transcoding platform

ContentAgent, the transcoding and workflow management system from ROOT6 Technology was the platform of choice for ‘Life in a Day,’ the feature documentary charting the story of life on our planet as seen by aspiring filmmakers on July 24th 2010. The raw statistics behind ‘Life in a Day’ are daunting enough. 81,000 clips in 4.500 [...]

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All aspects of file-based workflow covered by root6 at BVE2011

15th – 17th February, Earlscourt 2, Stand G.30 Visitors to BVE contemplating the implementation of file-based workflow should make a point of visiting the root6 stand where all aspects of the process will be covered. Through ingest, editing, storage and delivery, the latest technologies from leading suppliers will be demonstrated and explained. Visitors will also [...]