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A review of Colour Reproduction in Electronic Imaging Systems: Photography, Television, Cinematography by Michael S. Tooms

All of my colourimetry comes from doing it; my theoretical knowledge isn't that great as I didn't study it at university and the colour training at the Beeb, although entirely appropriate to what a TV engineer needs was just that; TV-centric. Over the last ten years I would credit the following industry colleagues for widening [...]

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Canon’s 4k Native IPS television monitors

I had an excellent half day with Canon’s UK imaging display guys to look at their DP-V series 4k native displays. To my shame I had assumed that they would be like the HP Dreamcolor or Eizo ColorEdge series monitors which are advertised as being suitable for film and TV work but as I’ve often [...]

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Typical edit suite monitor calibration; some traps for young players

I spent the morning in a very typical Soho edit room with a JVC DT-V24-series LED-backlit LCD as the "front of house" monitor and an LG LED-backlit LCD as the client display. It's quite easy to get the JVC looking right - BBC style 6504k for Rec.709; I've waffled on about this a lot in [...]

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Tech Breakfast: “Colourimetry, Calibration & Monitoring”

Wed 15th July, 8:30 for 9am, Soho Screening Rooms This month, our Broadcast Engineering guru, Phil Crawley, shares some of the knowledge he’s gained from calibrating monitors over the last 25 years, explores some of the latest tools and demonstrates Boland’s OLED grading monitor. As always the breakfast is free to attend but spaces are limited, [...]

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"Ask Us Anything" – 002

In the second of our new "Ask Us Anything" discussions/podcasts , we discuss Television colourimetry, Klein KT10-A colour probe, EDID (and Avid!), Avid ISIS, nearline storage and Protools Please contact us with any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss or take part in the discussions yourself. Get in touch for an invite to [...]

Colour results from a Sony PVM-2541 TriMaster OLED monitor

Having spent a bit more time with the Klein KT10-A probe I profiled the Sony monitor we hired to practice on. Here you can see the colour gamut for the displayed compared to the Rec709 colour space for television. I used the Klein “K Colorimeter” Windows software to make these measurements. Their ChromaSurf software, which [...]

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Klein KT10-A photometer for TV colour cablibration

We had a splendid day at the Root6 workshop getting to grips with our new Klein KT10-A photometer and testing it out on a couple of Sony broadcast monitors; an LMD-series LCD and a PVM-series OLED. For many years we’ve been relying on the PM5639 colour probe – originally made by Phillips and now badged [...]

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Colour perception – a couple of notes

  Colour perception is a complicated business; most people have tristimulus vision - that is we perceive colour (broadly speaking) in reds, greens and blues. Your brain does the clever stuff of filling in the intermediate colours - if you're seeing a colour between red and green (yellow) the mix of stimulation of the red [...]

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