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Thunderbolt Technology for Windows Platforms at NAB 2014

One of the buzzwords of  NAB 2014 has been “4K” and lots of vendors have been seizing the opportunity to feature those two characters in their media and promotional material (no I did not see “4K capable” gaffer tape but I saw some tenuous claims that were clearly a “jumping on the bandwagon” excercise!). Who [...]

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Blackmagic VideoHub software and QLogic fibre cards under MS Windows in SANs

Here's something from the dim recesses of my brain that I'd just remembered. Blackmagic VideoHub routers take all their network traffic over port 9990; which is also used in some QLogic/SAN configurations for metadata traffic. They don't play nice with each other. To fix this set the BM Software (whilst USB-connected to the hub) to [...]

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Synchronous ain't always best!

Engineers have been trained since time immemorial that with multiple sources of video the best thing is that they are always locked together and timed to a common reference – ideally station black & burst (or TriSyncs nowadays). The reasons for this are numerous, but a couple; Studios cameras into a vision mixer have to [...]

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Black Magic Design Release Desktop Video v9.0 with Support for Avid Open I/O

Black Magic Design have released version 9.0 of their Desktop Video software which includes support for Avid's Open I/O initiative. This means that if you already own a Blackmagic Design capture and playback solution then you are all set to use that hardware with Avid Media Composer v6. Support is available for both Mac OS [...]

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NAB Roundup 2011

The NAB show is always a daunting and slightly bewildering experience. There is always an overwhelming amount on display, and one always has the sneaking feeling of potentially missing the next big thing tucked away in some some little stand somewhere. I wouldn’t say that the last point was unlikely this year, but NAB 2011 [...]