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So what should you do about Quicktime on windows?

Earlier this week a story broke from Trend Micro  (echoed by America’s department of homeland security) about a current security risk in Quicktime,  advising that due to compromises, users uninstall the product from their machines as soon as possible. A lot of doubt and uncertainty has been sown around this announcement, lets take a look [...]

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Avid introduces ISIS | 1000  

Avid® today introduced the Avid ISIS® | 1000  shared storage system, providing independent video and audio professionals and facilities the same level of real-time collaboration proven for over a decade on the most demanding productions in the industry. Powered by the Avid MediaCentral™ Platform, ISIS | 1000 integrates seamlessly with Avid Media Composer®, Pro Tools®, and third-party tools including Adobe® [...]

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Thunderbolt Technology for Windows Platforms at NAB 2014

One of the buzzwords of  NAB 2014 has been “4K” and lots of vendors have been seizing the opportunity to feature those two characters in their media and promotional material (no I did not see “4K capable” gaffer tape but I saw some tenuous claims that were clearly a “jumping on the bandwagon” excercise!). Who [...]

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Ever wondered what happens when you press the power button on a Mac?

A great document has been produced by Apple expelling what goes on within the entire software stack, it covers items like: App Nap, this puts applications that you’re not using into a special low-power state. Sandboxes, ensuring that processes are only allowed to perform a specific set of expected operations. AirPlay letting you stream music [...]

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New Apple QT codecs released

  There are new codecs available with this release (XAVC) Apple have also recently released updates for their pro-apps packages including motion, compressor and FCPX. Here is a cut an paste off their page on this: About ProApps QuickTime Codecs v1.0.2 This update adds the following video codecs for use by QuickTime-based applications: Apple Intermediate [...]

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Matrox Announces Released Software in Support for Avid's Open IO Initiative.

With the release of Software v3.0 for Mac and Matrox Mtx.utils v6.0 for PC, the entire Matrox MXO2 Family and the new Matrox Mojito MAX card are now certified by Avid for use with Media Composer 6 for high quality IO via Thunderbolt, PCIe, or ExpressCard/34 connected hardware. Further details, compatibility information and software can [...]

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FCPX unveiled at at the NAB Supermeet 2011.

After nearly two years of speculation, guessing, and and endless debate about “what do you think Apple is going to do?” We found out. Here are some dry facts for starters: Pure 64bit code. leveraging core technologies such as Coco, OpenCL, Grand Central Despatch, etc… to deliver an application written from the ground up. In [...]

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On the eve of NAB 2011

Sitting on a balcony overlooking the garish Las Vegas boulevard or “the strip” as it is known was an opportunity to take a breather between reseller channel briefings and reflect on unfolding events here in Las Vegas before NAB officially opens tomorrow. There has been lots going on. Avid have made some interesting product announcements [...]

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I recently discovered this handy little open source tool from Erik Larsson. As standard, Mac OS X offers the ability to read NTFS volumes, but not to write to them. NTFS-3G looks to remedy this, and unlike other tools on the market, is free to download, although I would encourage you to donate to Erik [...]

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Save the Children chooses root6 to upgrade its video production facilities

Save the Children has just upgraded its internal video production facility and implemented a file-based workflow supplied and supported by UK reseller root6. Adam Robertson, Save the Children’s Video Production Manager said: “We are delighted with root6’s upgrade. The XenData technology they’ve installed means we now have an easily accessible archive of 90 years of [...]

root6 demonstrate Avid Artist Series at BVE

I recently appeared on Avid's YouTube Chanel, giving a brief overview of Avid's Artist series control surfaces (formerly Euphonix) and a site where you can buy youtube views. I was demonstrating the MC Color panel with Autodesk Smoke for Mac.  As I mention, the panel was originally designed for Apple Color but has been brilliantly [...]

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A bolt from the new

Apple released new Mac laptops last week – during half-term! – and they now sport spanking new Sandybridge processors and, most interestingly, a new interconnect which goes by the name of Thunderbolt. Personally, and I mean personally, I think this may be a much more significant move than just adding a swift and convenient interconnect bus [...]

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Setting a 12-core "Westmere" Mac to 32bit Mode

When Mac OS Snow Leopard is installed onto a 12-core Mac, it defaults to 64bit mode. Unfortunately, all Avid applications that run on Mac require it to be running in 32bit mode. They may install but that doesn't mean to say they'll behave. For example, Media Composer will pretend everything is hunky-dory, but will stubbornly refuse to see any Avid hardware, including the Nitris DX and the dongle.

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Shutting down a remote Mac via SSH

If you’ve planned ahead, you’ve enabled remote GUI control by using the Sharing System Preferences panel.  Assuming you’ve done all this, then you can just connect to the remote Mac’s GUI, and pick Shut Down from the Apple menu. But what if you’re not so good at planning, and you’ve only left the machine with [...]

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My first blog post and a useful mac cheat sheet

Hello all, As this is my first post I thought I would firstly say "Hello" to all friends, colleagues and new comers and secondly share with you this very useful 'mac cheat sheet' document that can be very useful today when tech spec'ing a customers upgrade path. It contains all sorts of useful info, from [...]

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