Multicast addresses in IP

///Multicast addresses in IP

Multicast addresses in IP

I thought I knew TCP & UDP/IP but I was reminded this week about the multicast subnet. If you’re ever in a position where you need to identify a device’s IP address (even on a different subnet, but the same LAN segment) you can PING and everything on the segment will respond to the PING (firewall settings permitting).

So, if I set my machine’s IP address to on a 10.100.100.x network and then PING the multicast address;

You can see that all the machines on the network respond.


This comes in very useful with Amulet DXiP cards which you configure over a web interface. Our demo kit came back from a customer who had forgotten what they had hard-set the cards’ IP addresses to and this technique was a life-saver.


Thanks for reminding me of this Graham and Don Poves!


Wikipedia article on multicast IP

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