Setting a 12-core "Westmere" Mac to 32bit Mode

///Setting a 12-core "Westmere" Mac to 32bit Mode

Setting a 12-core "Westmere" Mac to 32bit Mode

When Mac OS Snow Leopard is installed onto a 12-core Mac, it defaults to 64bit mode.
Unfortunately, all Avid applications that run on Mac require it to be running in 32bit mode. They may install but that doesn’t mean to say they’ll behave.

For example, Media Composer will pretend everything is hunky-dory, but will stubbornly refuse to see any Avid hardware, including the Nitris DX and the dongle.To check what mode your Mac is running in, go to the Apple menu and click “About This Mac.
In the left-hand column, click the “Software” heading and take a gander at the second-to-last entry, “64-bit Kernel and Extensions”.
If it says “Yes”, your Mac is running in 64bit mode.
If it says “No”, it’s running in 32bit mode.

To set it to 64bit mode, first we have to make sure your root account is enabled and that you know the password for it.

To enable the root account, first check you’re allowed to administer your computer! Don’t want to go annoying the local sysadmin!

Now you know you’re important enough, navigate to Macintosh HD>System>Library>CoreServices and launch the “Directory”.
In here, click the lock to allow you to make changes, then go to the “Edit” menu on your menu bar and choose “Enable Root User”. It should ask you to create a password, so do so. Make sure it’s something secure, but that you can remember.

Now close the Directory Utility and open the Terminal (which can be found in Applications>Utilities).
Now type the following:
sudo systemsetup -setkernelbootarchitecture i386

Hitting return should prompt you for a password, at which point you should enter the root password you created in the Directory Utility.

Once you’ve entered that, the terminal should report:
setting kernel architecture to: i386
changes to kernel architecture have been saved.

Now restart your Mac and then check System Profiler again.
64-bit Kernel and Extensions should now read “No”.

Job done!

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