HP Z820 now qualified by Avid for MC / Symph v6.5

//HP Z820 now qualified by Avid for MC / Symph v6.5

HP Z820 now qualified by Avid for MC / Symph v6.5

Avid have now announced qualification for the HP Z820 workstation for Media Composer and Symphony v6.5.Avid have not qualified the unit as a Unity Fibre connected workstation but have qualified it as an ISIS client at 1Gbit and 10 Gbit speeds. A new Intel NIC has been qualified by Avid for ISIS connections and the list of supported NICs is:

  • Intel i350-T2 – Dual Gb NIC
  • Intel PRO 1000 PT PCI-E Dual Gbit RJ45 NIC
  • Intel PRO 1000 PF Fibre Gbit NIC
  • Myricom 10G-PCIE-8B-S Fibre 10 Gbit NIC

One of the two onboard NICs is qualified for single connections to ISIS. This is Intel 82574L which is located adjacent to the USB ports and directly above the onboard Firewire port. The NIC port labelled “AMT” is not supported for ISIS connectivity.

The onboard firewire port can be used for camera connections but the Z810 is not supported for use with Adrenaline or legacy Mojo products.

The workstation has an onboard serial port which Avid have qualified for serial control along with an RS422 converter. Alternatively a USB to Serial port converter can be used in combination with the usual RS232 to RS422 converter.

Onboard SAS connectors are qualified for Avid realtime storage use

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