AVID ISIS|1000 – First impressions

//AVID ISIS|1000 – First impressions

AVID ISIS|1000 – First impressions

ISIS1000At root6 we were recently privileged to be the first UK reseller to get our hands on the much heralded ISIS|1000 and held a couple of open days in London and Glasgow in July to introduce the technology to potential customers.

Presenting the substantial workflow improvements that shared storage delivers, ISIS|1000 has a lot to offer boutique producer/editor set-ups, typically with no resident engineer. Consequently the entry level system is easy to use with simple access to media and workspaces, straightforward enough, in fact, for freelancers to come in with a laptop, plug in and get working.

There are some neat features. Avid’s proprietary RAIDED software for drive protection, for example, is ‘Media Aware’ which substantially improves rebuild time after failure. Formerly, if say a 2TB drive fails you’d be forced to rebuild the entire drive but with Media Awareness – you’d only have to rebuild the amount of storage allocated to media currently on the drive. That could prove a great time-saver. Each chassis has 12 drives providing 16TB useable storage and up to 24 clients are supported.

Another important feature is that ISIS|1000 is equally at home in Premier and FCP environments – alongside Media Composer and ProTools. First impressions suggest Avid’s new baby will prove popular with operations currently relying on removable drives and seeking to streamline workflow and improve productivity with a field proven and reliable solution.

Another Avid first shown exclusively by root6 was a beta version of the new DNX I/O box that will support the DNXHR codec and facilitate up, down and cross conversions for those working in 4K/UHD. Expect both products to be in the spotlight at IBC where we’ll be happy to arrange a private demo for interested parties.

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