chequred_flagIn 2013, the premier motor racing brand with a global TV audience of more than 400 million viewers looked to introduce file-based efficiencies into its workflow, eliminating some of the manual procedures to streamline its output. Importantly, they were seeking a solution that would fit in with the existing SDI infrastructure.

During the 2013 season the technology deployed for recording each weekend’s racing was XDCAM removable discs – 15 in total – each of which had to be put into record at the start of the session. Ideally, they were looking for ‘One red button,’ a single point by which to control the recording of the entire operation.

The preferred solution came via root6 in the form of R&S DVS VENICE, a multi-channel hard disc recorder with an intuitive graphical interface that enabled operators to easily set up the individual channels with naming conventions prior to hitting ‘Go.’ VENICE would then record onto high-performance SpycerBox shared storage.

A few challenges presented themselves. Traditionally, after the end of the weekend’s recording, the XDCAM discs would be ejected and flown back to the UK for postproduction. Fast turnaround was an essential and expected requirement. Getting the considerable amount of data out of the SpycerBox onto transportable SSDs could take a while.

R&S DVS addressed this issue with a clever adaptation of its Spycer software introducing a ‘Copy while’ feature enabling simultaneous copying onto the removable SSDs while ingest was in progress. This meant that, only a few seconds after recording finished, the SSDs can be taken out and flown back to the UK.

When in record mode for the race meetings, VENICE also creates a low-res proxy which is fed directly into the MAM system at home base, so editors can prepare the off-line prior to the arrival of the hi-res material. Edited versions are used to create compilation DVDs, archive content and for use with apps.

The new workflow, first adopted in 2014 and now deployed for a second season, has proved to be a highly effective in streamlining this complex and demanding operation.

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