Root6 ContentAgent v3.9 now shipping!

Root6 ContentAgent v3.9 now shipping!

Root6 ContentAgent v3.9 is now available. Please contact for download instructions.

Key features include:-

Compliance Workflows – New third party interoperability includes Minnetonka Audio Tools Server Loudness analysis and correction as an option. Combined with the existing Video Legaliser, ContentAgent now provides tools for automated video and audio correction.

Format Support

  • Avid XAVC UHD encoding and re-wrapping
  • QuickTime DV 25, 50 and 100 encoding
  • Canon EOS R camera card structure recognition is now available.

QuickTime Varispeed Node – Update the frame rate of QuickTime files without having to transcode (or frame rate convert) the video. Audio is re-sampled and pitch corrected.

Mobile Phone Media – Sources with inconsistent frame rates – such as mobile phone recordings can now be ‘smoothed’ by duplicating or skipping frames if the incoming frame timestamps are not what the pipeline expects for the chosen frame rate.

QuickTime Audio Track Naming – Update audio tracks with individual names. This is useful for file delivery specification requirements.

Editshare QScan support – Interoperability with Editshare’s Qscan application has been added to enable management of file based quality control analysis. This feature is part of the file based quality control option which also includes support for Vidchecker, Baton, Aurora and Pulsar.

Watchfolder Enhancements – Highlights include the ability to search and group Watchfolders together for monitoring of jobs. You can now also create Watchfolder reports in Excel format.

Avid Camera Card Re-Ingest Workflow – When a camera card is ingested through ContentAgent, a fingerprint is stored in the database so if the same card is re-ingested at a later date, it is recognised and the same Avid MOB ID’s are used so clips will continue to relink in Media Composer and Media Central Production Management.