My tech pick of BVE 2011 – OLED displays

///My tech pick of BVE 2011 – OLED displays

My tech pick of BVE 2011 – OLED displays

At BVE this year Sony, amongst many other offerings, were showing a 25inch OLED (organic light emitting diode) display – set up on the inside area of their stand alongside a 24 inch BVE LCD professional display for a viewing comparison.

Overhead lighting and stand spotlights meant that the viewing conditions were far from ideal. However, even under these conditions the difference between the two displays was marked. Colours were rich and vivid on the OLED, contrast was marked and blacks were black. Critically, rolling and crawling text did not stutter as the motion handling on the OLED display was vastly superior to it’s LCD counterpart.The key to the contrast and the deep blacks is to be found in the nature of the OLED display technology itself.

OLED screens have pixels that contain an organic material (organic meaning that they contain carbon as opposed to inorganic materials which do not) that emit their own light. In overly simple terms, the fact that the pixels emit the light controlled by a current, rather than LCD’s which are backlit, and effectively control the light passing through the display mean that the two types of display operate in a profoundly different way.

There have been several issues hampering the manufacture of OLED screens, not the least being their longevity (lifetime of product before it deteriorates) in the field. According to the Sony rep on the stand the screens lifespan is equal to that of LCD and Sony have overcome manufacturing limitations to allow them begin to produce bigger panels.

The visual characteristics of these monitors were to say the least stunning and distinctly mouth-watering to behold and we can’t wait till they hit the mainstream. The 25 inch apparently goes on sale beginning of May (not confirmed on the stand) and the 17 inch version in July.

The 25 inch model, which is aimed at high end grading and editing suites will sell for around the 30K dollar mark.

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