Fondleslabs are go!

//Fondleslabs are go!

Fondleslabs are go!

This year at NAB there are iPads to be seen everywhere. From my colleagues hands – yup they got up at 5am to queue at the Fashion Show Mall’s tradesman’s entrance in order to secure them – to the GV booth. If they are not being used as an accessory for a presenter, to take notes in meetings or as an autocue, they are being offered as a prize to encourage attendees to fill out questionnaires etc.

I can only imagine the fondleslabfest that the Supermeet is going to be!

If I am honest, I am only bitter because I’m too lazy and proud to get up at five and go and stand in line while an overfamiliar Apple employee chooses to favour me with the last available iPad; or not. I think I will wait til I get home and order one from Amazon.

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  1. Dave W April 12, 2011 at 11:22 pm - Reply

    Our local funeral directors are offering an iTomb. A large electronic fondleslab to replace the traditional headstone. They may be ahead of the curve. Any advice Rupert?

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