Clipster adds Civolution Forensic Watermarking

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Clipster adds Civolution Forensic Watermarking

The latest Clipster version (5.10) features integration with Civolution’s NexGuard forensic watermarking within the Clipster finalising tool. A forensic watermark is an image filter embedded into a video content. It provides a unique, imperceptible and non-removable identifier to help copyright holders detect illegal use and identify piracy sources.


Forensic Watermarking


Civolution’s NexGuard provides forensic protection with a centralised database of watermarked material, across multiple content providers. The watermark embedding can be applied to a variety of video formats at any stage of the video distribution chain:

  • Content watermarking in post-production, preview and distribution.
  • Traceability of Illegal copies to a specific cinema, and the date/time of projection.
  • VOD and pay-TV content protection on any output device.

The watermark is imperceptible to the human eye. It does not alter the video and can be recognised only by special software. Several minutes of outputting the video on any screen device will be sufficient to recognize the watermark.

The ability to watermark content from the Clipster’s time-line into multiple output formats allows many workflows to include watermarked content, this in the current industry climate is a large plus point with very little pain.


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