Automate delivery to cloud storage

Automate delivery to cloud storage

In this unprecedented time, processing media files needs to be handled as efficiently as possible. Root6 ContentAgent helps automate ingest and delivery tasks through its ease of use, comprehensive transcoding and format support, affordable scalability and building workflows within the workflow designer interface.

Once files have been processed, they are ready to be delivered to a client or to a creative storyteller (working remotely for editorial tasks), or for archiving purposes. Using public and private cloud storage is becoming an important part of the overall workflow as temporary or permanent storage solution. In Root6 ContentAgent v3.9.0.5 we have introduced the ability to upload single clips and camera cards to object storage providers such as Wasabi, Cloudian or Vecima MediaScaleX, in fact any storage which uses the S3 API is supported. The media files can then be kept as part of an offsite archive workflow or downloaded to another on-premise storage system. Uploading to Amazon’s S3 storage is already supported within the WAN acceleration option.

Configuring and building a workflow to achieve this task is simple. Drag the WAN acceleration node into the Root6 ContentAgent workflow designer interface, configure the end point to the storage platform you want to use, select a bucket (folder) where the files will be uploaded into. Once set up, every time the workflow is run files will be uploaded to the appropriate location automatically. Buckets can also be set up using metadata substitutions to create folders on the fly during workflow within.

Specific WAN acceleration services like Aspera and File Catalyst are also integrated in Root6 ContentAgent to support an alternative delivery mechanism for moving large media files between staff and clients.

In summary – as remote workflows become the norm during these unprecedented times its vital to aid delivery of important camera card media files or finished programs to popular cloud storage platforms. Root6 ContentAgent v3.9.0.5 enables this by adding support for the S3 API. Get in touch with the team to download this important software update at

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