Make common ingest, transcoding and delivery processes accessible to non-technical staff and free up your creative suites for storytelling with ContentAgent, the file based workflow automation product.

Your integrated solution for:


Comprehensive transcoding toolset and format Support

Fully customisable workflow

scalable processing

What is ContentAgent?

ContentAgent is a software-based application which can automate common tasks such as camera card ingest into editorial and creating deliverables such as broadcast, international masters and viewing copies. It integrates with a number of third party tools to orchestrate WAN acceleration, file-based quality control management, motion compensated frame rate conversion, social media uploading and more.

Key benefits:

Intuitive GUI

Intuitive user interface gives you the ability to build and design flowchart-style graphical workflows with unrivalled flexibility, so non-technical staff can take control of
their workflows.


Automate transcoding, metadata management and decision making. Remove human error and free up editors to be storytellers. Build intelligence into the workflow via Decision nodes.

Workflow engine

As a media file moves through a workflow, decisions about processing can be made automatically, while the transcoding engine is capable of making intelligent,
context-aware changes.

Transcode engine

ContentAgent contains a powerful, integrated transcoding engine that is built from the ground up to meet the demands of broadcast, film, web and post-production. Resolution independent, it can process files from SD to HD to 4K and beyond. Tasks such as resizing, cropping, padding, frame rate conversion and audio channel mapping can be performed. Logo, text, timecode and subtitles can be burnt into the picture. Key broadcast and consumer media formats are supported (including camera cards).

Third party integration

ContentAgent integrates with leading third party tools such as Avid for automated ingest and delivery tasks. For example, create clips ready for editing and send a Media Composer sequence directly (from within its user interface) to a ContentAgent workflow for deliverables, or output sequences from Media Central | Production management ready for broadcast. ContentAgent also integrates with Cinnafilm’s Tachyon and Dark Energy tools for high quality noise removal and motion compensated frame rate conversion, NexGuard for invisible watermarking, Minnetonka for Audio Tools Server processing and leading file-based quality control products including Vidchecker, Baton, Aurora, QScan and Pulsar.

Here is a link to an  Avid Workflow Guide and Avid Workflow video.


ContentAgent automates creating deliverables such as XAVC, AVC-Intra, DNxHD, DNxHR, ProRes, AS-10, H.264, H.265, MPEG 2, AS-11 UK DPP files (including insert editing them) and viewing copies. Deliver direct to social media including YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter. WAN acceleration integration with Aspera and File Catalyst is also available.

Newly added features include:

S3 protocol

Upload your media to an S3 based cloud storage provider

HDR content

ContentAgent can pass through wide colour gamut information for UHD HDR transcoding workflows.


The transcoding engine can automatically adjust colours to legal range during transcoding.

What is CardAgent?

CardAgent is a job submission tool to allow non-technical staff to prepare media files for processing by a ContentAgent workflow. It can automatically identify camera cards and allow the operator to play back clips, trim clips, rename clips and add custom metadata. 

ContentAgent can then run an automated workflow to enable the creation of proxies and high-resolution media, viewing copies, backups, and the subsequent delivery to editorial. CardAgent connects to Root6 ContentAgent across a LAN network.

Your integrated solution for:

Clip preparation

Identify cards, select clips and prepare them for ingest – using a simple interface for non-technical staff.

Media manipulation

Pick individual clips, play them back, trim and rename clips, and add
custom metadata.

Driving production

Simple and intuitive user interface runs on a basic PC so non-technical staff can drive production.


JobAgent is the application which does the heavy lifting – transcoding, image processing, file copying and the like. When you purchase a ContentAgent system you get one JobAgent as standard (this can do up to four parallel transcodes). If you need to scale up, you can purchase additional JobAgent licences and install them on sperate PC computers to create a render farm. For example, purchase two additional JobAgent systems and you can process 12 files across 3 computers at the same time.

Other add-ons

A number of options are available for ContentAgent, more information can be found in the Brochure.

PC Specifications

ContentAgent runs as a software application on a variety of PC hardware including blade servers, workstations and even a laptop (and virtual machines). The system can run with standalone media storage or can be connected to a network topology (SAN, NAS etc). Additional transcoding nodes (Job Agents) can also connect together with a main Root6 ContentAgent system (over an Ethernet or Fibre network) to provide a powerful render farm.

Recommended System

• Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019
• Dual 12/14/16/18-core (2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors)
• 2.6 (and higher) GHz processors
• 32GB RAM
• High speed SSDs for local media storage
• NVIDIA Quadro graphics card

Root6 ContentAgent license to streamline remote productivity

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