Sony PVM-A250 OLED – some colour measurements

//Sony PVM-A250 OLED – some colour measurements

Sony PVM-A250 OLED – some colour measurements

I have a pair of new PVM-A250s in ahead of an install and wanted to test a couple of things out. My first one was to see if the monitor does the right things between it’s studio swing-range HD/SDi 4:2:2 input and it’s full-range HDMI 4:4:4 inputs. Aside from a slight shift in luma (big Y) the difference is minimal (and definitely not the usual 601/709 matrix-mismatch you see on other monitors).

Y, Cr, Cb 4:2:2

HD/SDi input, peak white field before calibration – out of the box these monitors are a tad blue and a bit too bright.

R, G, B 4:4:4 HMDI input, same source.

We’re running these over many hours to see if they drift at all. Will add some more to this post next week with those results.

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