Fixed the DVI / pin-16 hotplug dilemma

//Fixed the DVI / pin-16 hotplug dilemma

Fixed the DVI / pin-16 hotplug dilemma

As with a lot of mod’ing or (dare I say it!) bodging solutions you need to find a nice connector or pre-made cable to base your fix on. If you look back at the problem we’ve been having with Media Composers switched across different Amulet heads then you’ll recall it wasn’t an EDID issue, rather one of Windows detecting a monitor change; Amulet does the right thing, it’s Avid that’s the problem.
The fix is easy; you need to tie pin-16 (hot plug detect) to Vcc (+5v on pin 14) via a 1K resistor;

The best mod’able pre-made cable that is suitable is one of these from Lindy.  Now I just need to knock up a dozen for the customer!

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