Is now the time to move your machine room out of your facility?

Heading to here? We’ve done it. Let root6 help you to remote your machine room Is now the time to move your machine room out of your facility? While the New Year ushers in an era of largely unforeseen political uncertainty, in our industry, change is, as always, inevitable. The consumption of legacy linear broadcast [...]

Shape Avid’s future

 When Avid set up the ACA (Avid Customer Association) there were, it is fair to say, a few cynics who thought it was just another bit of marketing puffery. Who knows; I may even have been tempted to look at it that way, right at the start. However, once I was invited to be a [...]

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IBC in the rear view mirror

IBC has lived up to its usual annual billing with lots of announcements, acquisitions and activities. We are going to try and grab a outline or collection of the things that we think you shouldn’t have missed from both the big and small players. Acquisition headlines:  Black Magic Design (BMD) announced that they had hoovered [...]

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On the eve of NAB 2016

Despite the fact that our industry trade shows are big business brands in their own right, they are also annual technological milestones that herald shifts in trends and approaches in our industry. These gatherings are good indicators of technology trends that are potentially in decline (tape decks anyone?) and equally are stages where the excitement [...]

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Ultra High Definition with High Dynamic Range (UHD + HDR)

Ultra high definition (UHD) is poised to be the next big industry change as we move away from our existing high definition (HD) broadcast chain. From the outset it was easy to see UHD has more longevity than stereoscopic (3D) ever did. That said, it's going to take sometime and is more complex than any of the past picture [...]

Concerns Facing Post

Graham, Rupert and David share their thoughts on some of the challenges facing the industry. Graham: "It’s not an easy business and some struggle to remain profitable. Major challenges are the constantly changing formats, together with the adoption of file-based working and automation. Many companies see throwing people at the problem as the only viable [...]

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Avid embrace VMs for Interplay

Without making a big song and dance of it, Avid immeasurably improved our lives yesterday. It may even mean that some of our engineers get to go home earlier and see their families more often.  […]

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Backup versus archive

Knowing the difference and understanding what to do about it Although the transition from analogue to digital has been going on for nearly twenty five years, many users are still unclear as to what the difference is between the concept of a backup and an archive. In a nutshell, a backup relates to current information in use that is [...]

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Perceptual video quality and compression – PSNR measurements

Compression is a fact of life, there have only been two production VTRs that stored uncompressed video – D1 and D5; they are no longer used because they were both SD (and D1 was only eight-bit video). So, the vast majority of the material we handle is compressed and so there should be a way [...]

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R&S – DVS Venice, direct ingest into Avid Interplay & ISIS then playout

Venice has the ability to take base-band video being fed into the Venice channels, create ‘Avid media’, write this directly to the ISIS storage and check the clip onto Interplay from where the Interplay uses can start using the ingesting clip all within 80 frames. Using the clips they can edit as normal, then export [...]

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Media | Director, the orchestrating has begun!

Avid announced Media | Director at NAB earlier this year, Media | Director is a media ingest module for the Media Suite which speeds up file-based workflows within the Interplay Production environment to help orchestrate the process of ingesting media into production and nearline storage, enabling you to start editing immediately and accelerate project turnaround. [...]

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"Ask Us Anything" – 004

In the fourth of our “Ask Us Anything” discussions/podcasts , Phil, Rupert and Dave are joined by Rhys Llewellyn from NBC Universal to discuss mains safety, fibre optic standards and our recent Platform1 event. Please contact us with any questions or topics you’d like us to discuss or take part in the discussions yourself. Get [...]

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"Ask Us Anything" – 003

In the third of our new “Ask Us Anything” discussions/podcasts , we discuss Sony OLEDs, Cat8 cabling, PSE and the DPP plus Sony Disk Archive storage. Please contact us with any questions or topics you’d like us to discuss or take part in the discussions yourself. Get in touch for an invite to the next [...]

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"Ask Us Anything" – 002

In the second of our new "Ask Us Anything" discussions/podcasts , we discuss Television colourimetry, Klein KT10-A colour probe, EDID (and Avid!), Avid ISIS, nearline storage and Protools Please contact us with any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss or take part in the discussions yourself. Get in touch for an invite to [...]

"Ask Us Anything" – 001

Welcome to the first of our new "Ask Us Anything" discussions/podcasts in which we discuss Audio loudness, NAB, 4K & UHD TV as well as the re-birth of telecines! Please contact us with any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss or take part in the discussions yourself. Get in touch for an invite [...]

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Thunderbolt Technology for Windows Platforms at NAB 2014

One of the buzzwords of  NAB 2014 has been “4K” and lots of vendors have been seizing the opportunity to feature those two characters in their media and promotional material (no I did not see “4K capable” gaffer tape but I saw some tenuous claims that were clearly a “jumping on the bandwagon” excercise!). Who [...]

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Avid ACA 2014 – first impressions

There’s something undeniably exciting about seeing a large cross-section of people from all over the world, in one place, who have chosen to do the same thing you do with your life being re-energised by a company you’ve loved and whose products have changed your life. And so it was at the inaugural event of [...]

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'Beyond HD Masters 2013' – pixel-free and even frame-free video!

This video was shown in one of the sessions; the speaker was Professor Philip Willis of The University of Bath’s Computer Science department. URL: http://youtu.be/l3zJWvOt2Zg URL: http://www.cs.bath.ac.uk/~pjw/ It shows various pieces of video that have been converted to a contour/vector representation where instead of using pixels in a raster to represent video they use contours [...]

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Ever wondered what happens when you press the power button on a Mac?

A great document has been produced by Apple expelling what goes on within the entire software stack, it covers items like: App Nap, this puts applications that you’re not using into a special low-power state. Sandboxes, ensuring that processes are only allowed to perform a specific set of expected operations. AirPlay letting you stream music [...]

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LTFS – what’s not to like?

LTFS (Linear Tape File System) was introduced just over two years ago and, during that time, has provoked considerable discussion within our industry. I guess the first question to ask is what was the idea behind it? I don’t think it’s fair to say its introduction was to replace .TAR and .PAX file formats which [...]

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Fusion Returns in Spades!

Having first been exposed to Eyeon Fusion in the early 2000s it’s great to see it back and even better than ever before. Back then it was revolutionary, as the tool set Fusion provided was second to none, and I saw some great pieces of work created to enhance productions. Fusion is a true node-based [...]

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Edit anywhere – without the firewire drives…

With another IBC under the belt it was clear which direction the big names in non-linear editing are heading – towards the clouds! I’d heard a lot about Adobe Anywhere over the last 12 months or so, and have been fortunate to have seen some of it, too, but at IBC it was the first [...]

What I spotted at IBC 2012

I had a couple of days in Amsterdam at IBC (the TV industry’s European trade show); I talked to lots of people and had a splendid night out with Bryant Broadcast (my main cable supplier) at the Braziliaans grill restaurant. Anyway; the only thing that really grabbed my attention was the updated NewTek Tricaster – [...]

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IBC 2012 Adobe Anywhere

Cloud based editing seems to be at the forefront of two of the biggest NLE companies at IBC, with Avid’s interplay Sphere and Adobe’s Anywhere. We managed to get a private demonstration of Anywhere and although it is not ready to ship and has no pricing structure it looks very appealing indeed. What we saw [...]

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IBC 2012 Marquis Broadcast Project Parking

I have been looking forward to seeing this product for a while now and where best than IBC 2012. The idea of creating an archive folder of your Avid project and all of the media associated with it is simple, but before you would have to consolidate your media to a specific drive and then [...]

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IBC2012 Media Composer 6.5 first look

Media Composer 6.5 is here and I thought I would share some new features here from IBC2012. Well, as you would expect there are no cosmetic differences but Avid have added a few new features that you would have expected to have been in Media Composer for years and some features that really show a [...]

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IBC2012-Day One Roundup

Tradeshows are traditionally frantic febrile environments; – The underlying commercial urgency of displaying, demonstrating and selling of wares, stoked by the stories on newswires, media outlets, bloggers and commentators; all wanting to to make sure that you heard about the next big thing from them first. Instead of the typical reseller lensed ‘overview’ where a [...]

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A successful Olympics with an innovative and cost-effective workflow

I think it’s safe to say that this Olympics has been a success; London 2012 really did deliver. On top of Team GB’s great performance, the BBC also really delivered the content to those not fortunate enough to get tickets. The BBC had the power to draw the nation together and kicked off with the [...]

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Archive and Backup, the differences between them.

With the increased popularity and wider usage of file-based cameras within the broadcast Industry, new responsibilities have emerged for this valuable media content. Gone are the days of being able to resort to a Digibeta tape on a shelf if the media was unfortunately lost or deleted. […]

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What’s all this talk about the second screen?

I think it’s safe to say the profile of the second screen is steadily rising, noticeably from the beginning of the year, to the point that it’s now a significant subject in the broadcast industry. Admittedly there seems to be more questions than answers at the moment, but it’s a hot topic no less. [...]

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Avid ingest without Avid

For many of our users, real time video capture or ingest into an avid shared storage environment is a pressing problem that has typically been quite difficult to solve. If you are running a so called “rigged camera show”  where you are feeding say eight or ten or camera capture streams into an OB truck [...]

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AJA Io XT, little and good!

Having used the latest external Io device from AJA for the last month or so I have to say how impressed I am with it. The first addition in this small external compact form factor was the Io Express back in late 2009. It was a great external monitoring device offering 10 or 8-bit uncompressedvideo, [...]