Jigsaw24 and root6 join forces

The UK’s two leading Media & Entertainment technology solution providers have today announced that they are joining forces. Jigsaw24 has acquired root6 to create the largest, most experienced and most awesome Audio and Video Technology services and solutions business in Europe. As the top two players in providing Media & Entertainment IT solutions over the [...]

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Pro Tools | MTRX – AVID Announce New Audio Interface

      Avid announce Pro Tools | MTRX a new audio interface for Pro Tools | HDX and HD Native systems completing the range of their existing HD IOs. Developed for Avid by Digital Audio Denmark, the Pro Tools | MTRX is a powerful multi-format I/O for Pro Tools with the same sonic qualities of DAD’s AX32 [...]

LTO7 arrives with the SXL

Data tape backup used to be the preserve of IT and database admins, seeking to manage a so called ‘tier3’ backup and offsite repository for their material. In those days data tape systems were expensive, complicated, and generally uncommon outside of large corporates and government organisations. Fast forward to the modern world of file based [...]

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root6 to be world’s first Avid Learning Partner to offer NEXIS courses

We're delighted to announce that we will soon be the world's first Avid Learning Partner to provide Avid certified training for NEXIS. Personnel who will be responsible for planning, installing, supporting and administrating Avid’s new NEXIS shared storage system will be able to obtain industry recognition of their skills by taking Avid Certified training from [...]

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So what should you do about Quicktime on windows?

Earlier this week a story broke from Trend Micro  (echoed by America’s department of homeland security) about a current security risk in Quicktime,  advising that due to compromises, users uninstall the product from their machines as soon as possible. A lot of doubt and uncertainty has been sown around this announcement, lets take a look [...]

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On the eve of NAB 2016

Despite the fact that our industry trade shows are big business brands in their own right, they are also annual technological milestones that herald shifts in trends and approaches in our industry. These gatherings are good indicators of technology trends that are potentially in decline (tape decks anyone?) and equally are stages where the excitement [...]

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ISIS & Interplay training courses in central London

We are delighted to announce that root6 has been awarded Avid Learning Partner (ALP) status and will soon start running training courses for ISIS and Interplay in a new facility at our Berwick Street offices. The ALP Professional level status will enable root6 to run courses varying in length from 1-3 days for editors, engineers, [...]

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Adam Lewiston joins root6

Adam Lewiston has joined the pre-sales engineering team at re-seller and systems integrator root6. An honours graduate in Media and Production Management, Lewiston has considerable industry experience in workflow design. He joins root6 from Tyrell where he served as Technical Director following a senior engineering role at Altered Images as Avid product specialist.

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root6 to Open Glasgow Office

root6 is to open an office in Glasgow. The new venture will be run by industry professionals Alex Keane and Gerry McGachy, both of whom most recently worked at Picture Exchange. “We have been thinking about how best to address regional business for some time,” said root6 MD Marcus Hume-Humphreys. “The opportunity to work with [...]

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R&S – DVS Venice, direct ingest into Avid Interplay & ISIS then playout

Venice has the ability to take base-band video being fed into the Venice channels, create ‘Avid media’, write this directly to the ISIS storage and check the clip onto Interplay from where the Interplay uses can start using the ingesting clip all within 80 frames. Using the clips they can edit as normal, then export [...]

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R&S – DVS Venice joins the DPP AS-11 journey

Venice now has the added functionality of allowing DPP AS-11 workflows to take place-using Venice. Play-out of DPP AS-11 packages – Once the DPP AS-11 package has been created you can use one of the Venice channels in play-out mode to open and load the package, once loaded you will see all the elements, non [...]

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Media | Director, the orchestrating has begun!

Avid announced Media | Director at NAB earlier this year, Media | Director is a media ingest module for the Media Suite which speeds up file-based workflows within the Interplay Production environment to help orchestrate the process of ingesting media into production and nearline storage, enabling you to start editing immediately and accelerate project turnaround. [...]

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Anywhere version 2 released & running at root6

Adobe Anywhere was released back in the last part of 2012 allowing editors to work collaboratively and access shared media across standard networks virtually anywhere they have internet connectivity.  Since the launch the Anywhere team have been working hard and listening to the community to add features and functionality to Anywhere, last week saw the [...]

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New Appointment at root6

Richard Hayter-Gare has joined the sales team of root6. A seasoned sales professional with over 25 years’ experience in the media and broadcast sector, Hayter-Gare joins from European RAID Arrays where he served as Sales and Account Manager. Commenting on the appointment root6 Director Rupert Watson said, “I have known and admired Richard for some [...]

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IBC 2012 Marquis Broadcast Project Parking

I have been looking forward to seeing this product for a while now and where best than IBC 2012. The idea of creating an archive folder of your Avid project and all of the media associated with it is simple, but before you would have to consolidate your media to a specific drive and then [...]

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IBC2012-Day One Roundup

Tradeshows are traditionally frantic febrile environments; – The underlying commercial urgency of displaying, demonstrating and selling of wares, stoked by the stories on newswires, media outlets, bloggers and commentators; all wanting to to make sure that you heard about the next big thing from them first. Instead of the typical reseller lensed ‘overview’ where a [...]

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2011 – An Overview of root6's activities last year

“The overriding trend in 2011 for both broadcast, post and production companies was the increasing adoption of file-based workflow,” asserts root6’s John Harris. “We’ve seen it in facilities of all sizes. It’s not a panacea and, while it offers a number of obvious advantages, dealing efficiently with the amounts of data involved and allocating storage [...]

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Welcome to the new root6 blog!

Hello - welcome to the new root6 blog!  As part of our website revamp (new site launching Feb 15th) we thought it would be a great opportunity to add a new blog section - not only to keep you posted on news and forthcoming events but mainly to create a growing resource where the whole [...]

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