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IBC in the rear view mirror

IBC has lived up to its usual annual billing with lots of announcements, acquisitions and activities. We are going to try and grab a outline or collection of the things that we think you shouldn’t have missed from both the big and small players. Acquisition headlines:  Black Magic Design (BMD) announced that they had hoovered [...]

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On the approach to IBC 2016

IBC is nearly upon us, and the industry is readying itself for the annual pilgrimage to Amsterdam. Manufacturers have traditionally used the annual NAB show in Vegas to launch new products and features, and the IBC show in Amsterdam to actually ship or deliver those features and products to market when possible. There are exceptions to [...]

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LTO7 arrives with the SXL

Data tape backup used to be the preserve of IT and database admins, seeking to manage a so called ‘tier3’ backup and offsite repository for their material. In those days data tape systems were expensive, complicated, and generally uncommon outside of large corporates and government organisations. Fast forward to the modern world of file based [...]

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NEXIS the next gen storage from Avid

At NAB this year Avid announced a new software defined virtual storage product family, Avid NEXIS. Although billed as new, Avid invented storage virtualisation back in 1999 with their Avid Unity storage product.  Unity became a name synonymous with shared workflows and realtime collaboration. With NEXIS Avid extend this functionality and capability in a more [...]

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So what should you do about Quicktime on windows?

Earlier this week a story broke from Trend Micro  (echoed by America’s department of homeland security) about a current security risk in Quicktime,  advising that due to compromises, users uninstall the product from their machines as soon as possible. A lot of doubt and uncertainty has been sown around this announcement, lets take a look [...]

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On the eve of NAB 2016

Despite the fact that our industry trade shows are big business brands in their own right, they are also annual technological milestones that herald shifts in trends and approaches in our industry. These gatherings are good indicators of technology trends that are potentially in decline (tape decks anyone?) and equally are stages where the excitement [...]

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Media Composer 8.4, Interplay, custom rasters and a lot more

Over the last 12 months or so a number of Avid houses and smaller boutiques have moved their workflows onto the Avid Interplay environment. Although there are additional setup stages and more time involved in the client installation, this initial effort is more than rewarded by the subsequent benefits that working within the Interplay environment [...]

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Avid NAB 2014 announcements– Avid Everywhere

Avid have made some big and announcements at NAB this year. Beginning with the inaugural Avid Connect – a client and industry event built around coalescing the industry thought leaders customers and vendors, and unifying the strategic vision, direction and conversations in the media and entertainment space. It was also at this event that the [...]

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Avid and OS 10.9 Mavericks

Apple released the latest Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks yesterday. Before you rush into upgrading, especially since its free please think carefully before you do this. Be aware that Media Composer is still undergoing testing and qualification under 10.9. Support will be announced in an upcoming maintenance release. Until then, Avid do not advise customers upgrade [...]

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NAB 2013 reviews – Media Composer version 7

Any real long-time users of Media Composer will remember when Avid released version 7 the first time round. ( the v7 preview at NAB2013  is Avid’s second MC version 7 release) The 1998 v7 release was memorable because it produced the first set of ‘intraframe’ editing tools’ including paint, as well as fantastic tools like [...]

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New Apple QT codecs released

  There are new codecs available with this release (XAVC) Apple have also recently released updates for their pro-apps packages including motion, compressor and FCPX. Here is a cut an paste off their page on this: About ProApps QuickTime Codecs v1.0.2 This update adds the following video codecs for use by QuickTime-based applications: Apple Intermediate [...]

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IBC2012-Day One Roundup

Tradeshows are traditionally frantic febrile environments; – The underlying commercial urgency of displaying, demonstrating and selling of wares, stoked by the stories on newswires, media outlets, bloggers and commentators; all wanting to to make sure that you heard about the next big thing from them first. Instead of the typical reseller lensed ‘overview’ where a [...]

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Avid ingest without Avid

For many of our users, real time video capture or ingest into an avid shared storage environment is a pressing problem that has typically been quite difficult to solve. If you are running a so called “rigged camera show”  where you are feeding say eight or ten or camera capture streams into an OB truck [...]

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NAB Roundup 2011

The NAB show is always a daunting and slightly bewildering experience. There is always an overwhelming amount on display, and one always has the sneaking feeling of potentially missing the next big thing tucked away in some some little stand somewhere. I wouldn’t say that the last point was unlikely this year, but NAB 2011 [...]

FCPX unveiled at at the NAB Supermeet 2011.

After nearly two years of speculation, guessing, and and endless debate about “what do you think Apple is going to do?” We found out. Here are some dry facts for starters: Pure 64bit code. leveraging core technologies such as Coco, OpenCL, Grand Central Despatch, etc… to deliver an application written from the ground up. In [...]

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On the eve of NAB 2011

Sitting on a balcony overlooking the garish Las Vegas boulevard or “the strip” as it is known was an opportunity to take a breather between reseller channel briefings and reflect on unfolding events here in Las Vegas before NAB officially opens tomorrow. There has been lots going on. Avid have made some interesting product announcements [...]

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My tech pick of BVE 2011 – OLED displays

At BVE this year Sony, amongst many other offerings, were showing a 25inch OLED (organic light emitting diode) display – set up on the inside area of their stand alongside a 24 inch BVE LCD professional display for a viewing comparison. Overhead lighting and stand spotlights meant that the viewing conditions were far from ideal. [...]

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