Streamlining workflows for over 15 years

Root6 was established in 1997 by industry professionals at the heart of London’s post-production and new media communities in Soho, London. Since then, our ContentAgent solution has become a globally-installed, scalable, software-based tool for managing and automating file-based workflows. Since April 2021, we are now part of Telestream. Here’s how we got there…


The early years:

ContentAgent v1.0 shipped in 2004. This early version was capable of creating simple viewing copies and automating the authoring of that high-tech new format, the DVD.


Gearing up to transcode: 2006-2010

This is when we first developed the automated transcoding workflows that are now a key part of the Root6 ContentAgent experience. To make it even more accessible, we added our signature workflow designer GUI, making it simpler than ever to build your workflows.


Bringing Avid onboard: 2010-2013

In 2010 ContentAgent was re-architected for distributed rendering. Motion compenstated frame rate conversion was added and file-based QC mangement, and support for Avid Interplay PAM.


Camera Card workflows: 2013-2019

Over the next six years, we: added camera card ingest, built in support for AS-11, AS-10, ARD_ZDF, OpenEXR and Apple ProRes, embedded invisible watermarking and WAN acceleration, Amazon S3 integration, virtualisation support and Avid ingest and delivery workflows. And much more…. What we didn’t do: sleep.


And now…

We’re still hard at work on new features, with updates arriving regularly. Recent additions include:

• 64bit architecture
• Social media uploads
• Legaliser

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