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Technical Support

Benchmark quality technical support from the industry professionals

Enjoy peace of mind, even in the most mission-critical operations. From a single bay to the most complex multi-location facility, root6’s reputation for high-quality support spans more than a decade and a half where we’ve worked hard to establish the benchmark by which others are judged. We remain 100% focussed on broadcast, post production and digital media applications – nothing else.

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root6 support

You’re in good company, our support clients include:

Arsenal Broadcast, BBC Studios and Post Production, BSkyB, British Telecom, CBS News , Channel 5, Deluxe Digital , Edit Store, Endemol UK, Envy , The Farm, Filmhouse Cinema, Formula One Management, Framestore, IMG Media, ITV, Lime Pictures, The London Studios, Love Productions, Moving Picture Company, Northern Ireland Assembly , NBCUniversal, Onsight, Oxfam, Perform Media Group, Picture Production Company, Pinewood Group, Princess TV, Ragdoll Productions, Raw Cut, Save The Children, Silverglade, Splice TV, Turner Broadcasting/Cartoon Network, Unicef, University of York

Critical Support for Centralised Systems

In today’s modern collaborative workflows, productions are inherently reliant on centralised systems in the form of networks, shared storage and asset management systems. Although typically these systems have layers of redundancy, constant operation without targeted maintenance can diminish performance and reliability. In this critical area, system failure will impact the entire scope of the operation and therefore responsive, expert technical support is essential.

A unique level of experience and expertise, garnered through years of practice installing and supporting cutting edge technologies, defines our service and enables us to diagnose, respond to and resolve issues in the shortest practical timescales.

Our expertise encompasses bespoke scripting for SAN management, remote dial-in diagnostics, automated alert systems, custom configurations to optimise performance, as well as user management including Active Directory and Open Directory integration. We can provide centralised system support for SANs and ancillary equipment not installed by us following a detailed system audit which is normally chargeable. As support costs will depend on configuration, please call to discuss.

10 Business Hours Pre-Allocation Package - £1,000

This package not only provides a discount on the business hour site visit rate but can also be re-allocated to out of hour site visits or remote access hours on a pro-rata basis.

Business Hours
9am to 6pm weekdays excluding holidays.

Extended Hours
6pm to 10pm weekdays excluding holidays and 10am to 6pm weekends and holidays excluding Christmas Day.

Premium Hours
This represents all times not defined above.

Response Time
We aim to give immediate response but guarantee 1 hour response time within contract hours above.

Maintenance Visits
Includes 3 maintenance visits per annum.
Please note maintenance will take the form of onsite visit or remote dial in through internet connection. Additional site visits are chargeable at contract rates.

Spares and Loan Hardware
Access to root6 loan hardware and spares inventory whilst permanent replacement is sourced for client.

Shared Storage Site Visits
Business Hours £100ph
Extended Hours £120ph
Premium Hours POA

There may be occasions where remote support sessions will be chargeable. This will be by mutual agreement. Normally remote support and investigation does not incur any additional charge.

Workstation Support

Although we describe our workstations by the name of the host software, e.g. Avid, Final Cut, Adobe etc., the manufacturer maintenance contract generally only covers telephone support for the elements of the workstation alone. This typically removes the computer, monitors, network adapters (fibre, Ethernet) and many other peripherals.

root6 workstation support provides telephone support to cover both workstation and peripherals. Once we have diagnosed the problem we can attempt to resolve it through remote connection, site visits or even bench repairs at our office. If the system is irreparable we will then manage the appropriate RMA service through the respective manufacturer.

Quite literally it is one call, one number to manage your repairs and queries. root6 provide three levels of support. Select the level most appropriate to your requirements:

The root6 team, the ability to escalate

The members of the root6 support team and the pre and post sales consultancy team are drawn from varied production, broadcast and post production backgrounds. Coupled with our deep experience in asset management systems, workflow deployment, network and and storage diagnostics, we are confident that we have a rich body of specialised knowledge that you can draw upon, and directly benefit from.

Workstation Integration – £250

When you purchase a turnkey system from root6 we offer a full integration service to build and test your system. This service extends once the system is delivered to your premises with 1 month’s Gold support inclusive.


Business Hours cover 9am-6pm

  • Telephone response from qualified technician within 4 business hours
  • Management of support call and review of historic call log
  • Email support access
  • Remote support for diagnostics
  • Access to onsite engineer at ‘In contract’ rates

Cost £25.00 per system pcm
(min 12 months)


As Silver with the following extras:

  • Telephone response from qualified technician within 1 Business hour
  • Access to root6 loan spares and hardware
  • Preferential pricing for hire and hardware spares
  • Multi-system discount (see below)

Cost £70.00 per system pcm


As Gold with the following extras:

  • Telephone response from qualified technician within 1 Business/Extended Hour
  • Extended hours cover 6pm to 10pm weekdays excluding holidays and 10am to 8pm weekends and holidays excluding Christmas Day

Cost £95.00 per system pcm

Business Hours

9am to 6pm weekdays excluding holidays.
On-Site £60 p/hr
Bench repairs £40 p/hr

Extended Hours

6pm to 10pm weekdays excluding holidays and 10am to 6pm weekends and holidays excluding Christmas Day.
On-Site £80 p/hr

Premium Support Hours – POA

This represents all times not defined above.

Multi-System Discounts

Discount is represented as the number of systems in support multiplied by 2.5%. This discount begins from the second system.

For example:
2 systems will get 5% Discount
10 Systems will 25% Discount

Once 20 systems are reached i.e. 50% discount, the discount structure is capped at 50% for all systems thereafter.

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