The challenges of modern picture quality analysis

Engineers have sought to quantify the quality of the video signal since the birth of television. Since all aspects of the TV picture are represented first by voltages (analogue) and then by numbers-in-a-bit-stream (digital) you have to make measurements to really know anything about the quality of your TV pictures. “When you can measure what [...]

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Zodiak Media transitions to file-based workflow

Zodiak Media, formerly RDF, is currently completing its transition to file-based working. The company, now majority owned by the De Agostini Group, produced more than 5000 hours of content for 250 broadcasters in 2010. Mark Glennon, Head of Post Production at Zodiak Rights, the content aggregation and distribution arm of Zodiak Media, describes the challenges [...]

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Tektronix WVR5200

During a manic day I was fortunate enough to bump into my old Tektronix mucker Tom Perry who had a new WVR5200 in his rucksack and gave me a quick in-the-street demo! It seems like a much more complete instrument than the current WVR5000 'scope and I can't believe it won't cannibalize their WVR7000 and [...]

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