Speeding up HTTP

The big overhead with protocols that run on top of TCP/IP is the number of connections they open. A modern web page has many different kind of assets (HTML, scripts, Java, GIFs, JPEGs, etc etc) from many places (the primary domain, adservers, Google+ buttons etc etc) such that when you load the front page of [...]

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TCP/IP Congestion Avoidance

TCP/IP is a jolly clever protocol that now forms the bulk of the traffic that runs across the Internet. Given that routers and gateways along a packets route are entirely at liberty to drop packets without informing either the sender or the recipient (it’s up to the client/server to figure out packet sequence and if [...]

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How Aspera fasp Technology Overcomes The Limitations of Using Internet Networks to Transport Large Data Files

The Challenge If you have ever used File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Common Internet File System (CIFS), Network File System (NFS) or Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections to server shares to move large files between separate locations, perhaps over a wide area network (WAN), like me you have probably found yourself asking “There must be a [...]

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