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Pro Tools | MTRX – AVID Announce New Audio Interface

      Avid announce Pro Tools | MTRX a new audio interface for Pro Tools | HDX and HD Native systems completing the range of their existing HD IOs. Developed for Avid by Digital Audio Denmark, the Pro Tools | MTRX is a powerful multi-format I/O for Pro Tools with the same sonic qualities of DAD’s AX32 [...]

AVID Pro Tools | S6 & IHSE Draco tera | S6

Avid and IHSE GmbH both showcased an Avid Pro Tools | S6 console integrated with a Draco tera compact | S6 KVM switch at IBC, this year. Undoubtedly my favourite pick of this year's exhibition, this impressive solution is a game changer for all the Pro Tools | S6 users allowing them to instantly access multiple Pro Tools workstations [...]

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Pro Tools 11 – Faster than real time, offline bouncing and much more…

Faster than real time, offline bouncing- apparently an offline bounce is now 5 X faster! Which I’m sure will excite anyone working with feature length film, composers etc., ‘bounce in Place’ as a result- is lightning fast. Support for Avid’s great HD video peripherals, Nitris DX/Mojo DX- Play MXF HD, Avid DNxHD, and other HD [...]

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