What’s the best setting for Gamma with Rec.709 video?

 I've been calibrating TV displays for around twenty-five years and have always leaned on the BBC practice of setting peak white at 80Cd/m2 and the white point at 6504k. For all the decades of standard definition work a gamma of 2.2 has been used. This is required because television cameras don't have a linear transfer [...]

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"Ask Us Anything" – 002

In the second of our new "Ask Us Anything" discussions/podcasts , we discuss Television colourimetry, Klein KT10-A colour probe, EDID (and Avid!), Avid ISIS, nearline storage and Protools Please contact us with any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss or take part in the discussions yourself. Get in touch for an invite to [...]

Fifteen years of HD displays in one morning!

I had to visit a new client to calibrate four different display devices and it struck me that they represented the gamut(!) of HD displays since the mid-90s. They didn’t have an OLED display for me, but a Sony BVM-D24, a VuTrix Pro-24, an AutoCue G-series and a JVC D-ILA 2k projector. The CIE 1931 [...]

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