"Ask Us Anything" – 001

Welcome to the first of our new "Ask Us Anything" discussions/podcasts in which we discuss Audio loudness, NAB, 4K & UHD TV as well as the re-birth of telecines! Please contact us with any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss or take part in the discussions yourself. Get in touch for an invite [...]

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Loudness – Part 2

Continued from Loudness – Part 1 So what exactly do I need to worry about? According to the EBU R-128 document your program must meet the following: Program Loudness (LUFs), Loudness Range (LU) and Maximum True Peak Level (dBTP) must be used to characterise the audio in your program (i.e. included on your record report [...]

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Loudness – Part 1

What is all this fuss about loudness? In broadcast and audio for video environments, we have traditionally metered audio based on the peak (or quasi-peak [1]) signal amplitude (or maximum sample values in the case of digital). This was great for making sure transmitters or analogue to digital converters were not over-modulated, but [...]

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