Ultra High Definition with High Dynamic Range (UHD + HDR)

Ultra high definition (UHD) is poised to be the next big industry change as we move away from our existing high definition (HD) broadcast chain. From the outset it was easy to see UHD has more longevity than stereoscopic (3D) ever did. That said, it's going to take sometime and is more complex than any of the past picture [...]

Fifteen years of HD displays in one morning!

I had to visit a new client to calibrate four different display devices and it struck me that they represented the gamut(!) of HD displays since the mid-90s. They didn’t have an OLED display for me, but a Sony BVM-D24, a VuTrix Pro-24, an AutoCue G-series and a JVC D-ILA 2k projector. The CIE 1931 [...]

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AJA Io XT, little and good!

Having used the latest external Io device from AJA for the last month or so I have to say how impressed I am with it. The first addition in this small external compact form factor was the Io Express back in late 2009. It was a great external monitoring device offering 10 or 8-bit uncompressedvideo, [...]

Cut+Run Go HD at a Stroke

The Soho-based HQ of Cut+Run, the award-winning international commercials house, has just completed a facility-wide upgrade to HD with kit supplied and supported by root6. The move by Cut+Run, the first major commercials facility in the UK to have gone fully HD at a stroke, was prompted to address the director’s increasing expectations of picture [...]

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Rise times in HD TriSyncs

These are two traces from two separate TriSync generators - The blue trace represents a correct waveform and as every superhero will realise you're looking at the line timing pulse. Here is the diagram from rec-709 (the spec for HD video); It clearly shows that rise time is to be equal between the start, middle [...]

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