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Ultra High Definition with High Dynamic Range (UHD + HDR)

Ultra high definition (UHD) is poised to be the next big industry change as we move away from our existing high definition (HD) broadcast chain. From the outset it was easy to see UHD has more longevity than stereoscopic (3D) ever did. That said, it's going to take sometime and is more complex than any of the past picture [...]

Temporal Dithering; good for colour depth, bad for extending

I’ve become quite a fan of products based on Teradici – an on-the-fly compression system that allows dual-DVI w/peripherals to be extended over ethernet. It works very well and you can’t tell you’re not looking at something that’s been packetised and extended over a network. Howver, a fly in this ointment is the current gen [...]

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