Shooting and editing HDR via Avid using CLog gamma

We've got BVE2016 coming up and one of the things root6 will be showing is an HDR workflow via Media Composer using Canon monitors. HDR is still a bit of a crap-shoot as far as standardisation is concerned with the BBC/NHK system, Dolby Vision, Sony's SLog3 and Canon's camera-native CLog. The principle of using an [...]

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4k and UHD cabling and signal standards

I’ve had to dig into signal transport for 4k/UHD over the last week or so. Essentially I have a test-signal generator (SRI Visualizer TG100) running at a maximum raster of 4096×2160 at a maximum of 25 progressive frames/sec (and only 4:2:2 colour sampling; Y, Cr, Cb) with a 6G single-link output (so really 4 x [...]

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Canon’s 4k Native IPS television monitors

I had an excellent half day with Canon’s UK imaging display guys to look at their DP-V series 4k native displays. To my shame I had assumed that they would be like the HP Dreamcolor or Eizo ColorEdge series monitors which are advertised as being suitable for film and TV work but as I’ve often [...]

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Canon XF and Sony XDCAM, XDCAM EX and HDCAM SR AMA plug-ins potentially not available for Media Composer 6, Symphony 6 and Newscutter 10 release date of November 15 2011

Avid has notified its Support Community that some manufacturers have yet to release Avid Media Access (AMA) plug ins that are compatible with the latest versions of Avid editors. The article is located on Avid's Knowledgebase and can be read in full here. "At this time [November 15 2011] Sony and Canon have yet to [...]

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