Sony XDCAM, HDCAM, and F65 RAW AMA Plug-ins Updated for Media Composer | Software (v8.0)

Sony has just released updated versions of their XDCAM, HDCAM, and F65 RAW AMA plug-ins, which introduced installation compatibility with Media Composer | Software (v8.0).  Previous versions of the Sony AMA plug-ins would work with Media Composer | Software (v8.0) but were only accessible by installing on Media Composer 7.0.x and then upgrading to Media [...]

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Panasonic P2 Plug-ins Updated to Include Mac OS X Support for Media Composer v7.0.4

Panasonic has just released an updated version of their P2 AMA Plug-in for use with Avid Media Composer v7.0.4.  The v4.2 plug-in adds support for Mac OS X installations of Media Composer and is compatible with Windows installations of Media Composer as well.  The previous 4.1 version, which added support for various AVC-LongG operations, was [...]

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Sony Release AMA Plug Ins Which Are Compatible With Recent Avid Composer Based Releases

Further to our recent post regarding delays to Avid AMA plug-in releases from certain 3rd party manufacturers, Sony have now released updates for their Avid Media Access (AMA) Plugins which are compatible with the 64 bit Avid Media Composer v6.0, Symphony v6.0 and NewsCutter v10.0 releases. Sony AMA Plug Ins for Avid platforms running Windows [...]

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Canon XF and Sony XDCAM, XDCAM EX and HDCAM SR AMA plug-ins potentially not available for Media Composer 6, Symphony 6 and Newscutter 10 release date of November 15 2011

Avid has notified its Support Community that some manufacturers have yet to release Avid Media Access (AMA) plug ins that are compatible with the latest versions of Avid editors. The article is located on Avid's Knowledgebase and can be read in full here. "At this time [November 15 2011] Sony and Canon have yet to [...]

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