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IBC 2012 Adobe Anywhere

Cloud based editing seems to be at the forefront of two of the biggest NLE companies at IBC, with Avid’s interplay Sphere and Adobe’s Anywhere.

We managed to get a private demonstration of Anywhere and although it is not ready to ship and has no pricing structure it looks very appealing indeed.

What we saw was a collaboration platform for Adobe products such as Premiere AE and Prelude in a “cloud based architecture”

The idea is to have your high res media on your storage in the office managed by Adobe’s proprietary scalable database allowing you to log in from “Anywhere” and edit your material.

We were shown some AVC intra 1080p25 and the response time was astonishing with no lag or buffer it was as though you were editing on local media.

This was achieved by giving you a quarter res playback quality of the high res file and using Adobe’s incredible Mercury Streaming Engine which should allow you to use the full quality.

The Anywhere login within Premiere works on a hard connection and Wifi over VPN and will cache the media as it is used so playback should always be consistent.
You will be able to use multi format timelines and Realtime effects using the power of the Mercury streaming engine.

Assets can be versioned so you can have multiple versions of the same sequence with all assets stored on the remote server in the database.
But what happens if you need to add new media or you have local media in Premiere that you have imported, well Adobe have thought about that too. If you are working from local media Anywhere will transfer the files in the background allowing you to work on the local media until the transfer is done. Once the media is transferred or a project or sequence is modified you can just click a sync button and all of the media and project changes are available to other users on the Anywhere network.

A pretty brief overview but a very cool product with huge potential whenever it is released.

“Cloud” based editing is clearly becoming the new feature for NLE manufacturers to implement.

What I would like to see is it working in the “real world” under “real world” demands and environments.

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