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Avid Attic Change (for the better)

The number of bins that are kept in the Attic has always been a bit of a bear trap for the unwary editor. You used to have to do a bit of maths to be sure that, based on the number of bins open in a project, that you had set it right and that there would be a backed up copy of the bin you needed when you turned to the Attic in your moment of need. If you got it wrong the one you wanted would have been overwritten by other bins you cared less about.

Now Avid have ridden to the rescue of the inattentive or mathematically challenged editor; an additional option has been added to the Bin Settings.

The option “Always keep one version of a bin in Attic” has been included with this release.

This option is on by default and when enabled will always keep at least one version of each bin in the Attic. (Note: This enabled position is how previous releases of the editing application kept versions in the Attic.)

If you deselect this option, older bins may have all Attic versions removed to keep to the Max Files limit.

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