R&S Clipster takes IMF to the next level

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R&S Clipster takes IMF to the next level

Rohde & Schwarz DVS have really embraced IMF and created a great set of tools within the latest release of Clipster.


IMF (Interoperable Master Format) is a framework of assets which make up a program master, within the framework you can store elements which together with master can create the different versions of the program master. For example from one master you may need to create a Spanish, German and Russian version. As these versions are only slightly difference, audio and captions. You can store the differences within the IMF framework so when the versions are created all the elements are available to compile a new version. This will allow version to be created quicker with less effort which should improve the time-to-market.


Within the Clipster there’s a IMF delivery tool, this is for when you create the master package which renders out the sequence and creates the MXF’s along with the composition play lists containing all the metadata you’ve input via the IMF delivery tool.

The tool that caught my eye is the IMF package merge tool, this allows you to open up an existing IMF package and then repack only some of the versions, you may now only need the Russian version but as all the elements are available you can choose just that without having to render again,  this will save a huge amount of time and effort.


The latest version of Clipster offers mastering into DCI, IMF & AS02 up to 4K.High Frame Rate, 3D Stereoscopic, Dolby Atmos, along with comprehensive real-time camera RAW support.

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