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Nearchive – straightforward, effective archiving for Avid Interplay

NearchiveAvid Interplay forms the core of many Post Production & Broadcast Facilities production workflows.  One challenge is the media cycle within the Interplay environment, using the ISIS storage to keep content online isn’t always the best option.

Projects could have multiple resolutions. Would keeping the high resolution (DNxHD 185 for example) on the ISIS be required if you were editing at a lower resolution (DNxHD 36) while having the ability to relink back to the high resolution out the archive?

There may be a project that’s been active for months but now the post stage has taken a break and won’t be editing for weeks, currently the projects media is occupying a large amount of ISIS storage.  A straightforward mechanism is needed so that the media can be moved off the ISIS onto tier two storage, or even LTO, allowing other projects to take place.

The key part is being able to restore the media its original location as if it has never been away.

The project has come to an end and its necessary to keep all or part of the project for a long or short term archive, the requirement is for the Interplay users to be able to locate past content using the Avid tools which they have become accustomed to working with.

It maybe as simple as the requirement to ‘backup’ the project media along with the assets logging data.

Nearchive from NL Technology provides a straightforward but rich and effective tool for the archiving of Interplay assets, moving content from the ISIS production storage off to tier two or three storage while enabling users to have easy access to the assets within the archive and requiring no additional applications.

regular master clips storage on ISIS storage

Nearchive allows you to archive full projects, sub clips, groups or single master clips as shown above in Avid Interplay Access.Using a straightforward menu option within Access available via the right-click, select NLT Nearchive Services. This allows the selection to store the asset in the archive, at this point a job name can be given. Once the job is submitted Access with display the progress.

Once the assets are archived custom metadata fields are populated indicating the when the asset’s have been archived along with their location. Nearchive can also be configured to create a proxy resolution as the assets are sent to the archive, these can be left online allowing assets to be viewed via Media Central UX or Media Composer can take advantage of multi resolution workflows allowing edits to take place using the proxy.

2 Access_rightclick

4 Access_singleclip_job_details_porgress3 Access_singleclip_job_details



Access showing multiple resolutions

(high-res assets in archive, proxies online)

The high resolution (DNxHD 120) is now in the archive with a low resolution (800kbps H264) online for usage. Interplay has kept track of the multiple resolutions. The assets metadata is left untouched so can be searched are normal within any application using Interplay, sequences using assets in the archive will relink to the proxy

(sequence restore)

If a sequence has been created using the proxy media or the sequence media only exists in the archive after the complete project was archived carried out, it may not be necessary to restore all the assets within the project, using the straightforward menu option via the right-click with only selecting the sequence you can restore only the sequence and media.

8 Access_100 restore copy

Once the Nearchive has resorted the assets to the ISIS storage and the Avid Media Indexer has refreshed, the assets will be back online in their original location.

9 NLT_web_overview2

Nearchive offers a web interface showing an overview of all the jobs active and past as well as providing detailed information on each job.

10 NLT_web_2020.

NL Technology announced direct iNews integration at NAB 2016 for Nearchive, along with being full Avid certifed read more here

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