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Concerns Facing Post

Graham, Rupert and David share their thoughts on some of the challenges facing the industry.


“It’s not an easy business and some struggle to remain profitable. Major challenges are the constantly changing formats, together with the adoption of file-based working and automation. Many companies see throwing people at the problem as the only viable solution.”


“The human cost of managing file-based workflow. The challenge is to combine the kit, staff and levels of knowledge to offer an efficient service at an attractive price. While it’s certainly possible for facilities to stay behind the curve, operating in a traditional manner and still making money, they may eventually become exposed to competitors who will be able to offer a faster, better and cheaper service. They key then, is to stay both relevant and profitable.”


“The high expectation of customers to get rushes quickly, in any format, anywhere. The transition to file-based working is more challenging than many anticipated. It’s easier to get it wrong. Misunderstanding of file formats, wrappers, containers and essences.”

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